The I of the Beholder

January 12, 2018 0 By Lance Kelly

I, the beholder, am God in every body. I enter the phenomenal world on a cosmic mindwave as a point in time. Without the mirrored reflection of particular forms of life, I am unknowable in knowing all within the dream of existence. The dream is the release of my timeless essence apportioned to individual lives, but reduced in potency to the frequency of the terrestrial mind.

Within the universal dream of existence is Man, the principle of intelligence from which arises the personal dream of men and women. The desire of the personal dream contains the seeds of its own destruction, and is realised as the gradual dawning of the impermanence of everything in creation. To behold ‘me’ as the being behind the form is to love beyond self and the beginning of immortality. But unless ‘you’ are ready, this subtle emanation will be imperceptible against the coarse vibration of the world.

I am the one and only appearing as the many. As there’s only the one I, so there’s only the one life, which is the vital sense of being alive. In truth I am the only life on earth since everything else is a form of life. Feeling exists only in the individual man or woman in the body reading these words. When I’m in touch with the harmony and wellbeing within the body, there’s peace on earth despite the appearance of things. Whenever emotional negativity arises, I’m in conflict with the world, which then must appear as the problematical circumstances in my life. As I am within, so must my world mirror my inner state – a universal truth that has been uttered since the earliest of times.

The temptation to objectify the formless truth I am is almost overwhelming; but not when the simplicity of the formless reality I am is perceived in an individual’s own living experience. Jesus Christ said ‘I am the way the truth and the life’. Two thousand years ago the consciousness of the times was unable to receive the simplicity of truth as direct knowledge of reality. Consequently, and for generations that followed, everyone assumed that Jesus the man was referring to himself as God instead of the universal I within everybody And religious belief persists today as the main impediment to the direct experience of reality. Even atheism (which is still an intellectual concept) is a barrier to being responsible for I, the pure intelligence behind the form.

Is there one word which is demonstrable of God that even a child would instantly recognise? And the answer is life. In the first instance God is undeniably life, the vital feeling of being alive. This self-evident truth does not require belief or proof of some supernatural being. Life however, although imbued with divine creativity, is a purely mechanical process. As a medium of supreme abstract flexibility, life provides the vehicle for God to arise as intelligence in matter. And the first principle of intelligence is I – the personal pronoun used by everyone on earth.

And so down through the ages, prophets and mystics have acknowledged God as I by such sayings as: ‘You shall have no other God but I’, or ‘I shall never leave thee or forsake thee.’ I in every body am God; but the degree of self-knowledge determines how conscious I am of my own reality.