The Impossible Dream

October 21, 2018 1 By Lance Kelly

The most powerful desire underneath the many superficial desires is to discover a sense of completion – something permanent and unwavering. Everyone is born with the impulse to make some kind of contribution to humanity, even those who appear to be in revolt against the whole system. The striving to reach the summit of worldly success is the motivating force behind the progressive drive of western civilisation. But the world is stacked against anyone who thinks they can succeed for more than one fleeting moment before what was achieved collapses back to nothing.

Everything, no matter what’s accomplished, is doomed to perish and be forgotten in time. Is this the height of pessimism and the denial of the creative genius of the human spirit? No, just the opposite. Questions multiply in great profusion the more that is known about the objective world of matter. There’s no end to what can be known and dissected by the human mind into ever finer slithers of existence. Science is concerned only with the possible; and when some new discovery is made after launching a rocket into outer space or the search for the next particle, the whole futile process begins again.

The seemingly impossible is to make way for the spirit. This remains unacceptable for anyone still clinging to belief and hope in a world of endless possibilities. But what is spirit? The spirit is unknowable to the mind, but not beyond being as the unique essence behind the form. At certain stages in life, even in those people initially driven by the acquisition of wealth or success, there can be a profound intervention from an inner source of unquestionable power and authority. This is a climacteric point which presents an opportunity to re-assess the life’s direction. What is then set in motion will direct the person towards some new phase of life, if not immediately then eventually when awakened from the impossible dream of existence.