The Inner Process

December 2, 2022 0 By Lance Kelly

At the behest of someone who loves God or the source of life more than the world of self, the psyche responds as a conveyer of the transmission of reality by an influx of timeless spiritual power. Spiritual energy is negation, which has the effect in existence of restoring matter to its original state of love. The purging of the negativity of emotional force attached to the psychic formulation of the flesh is registered as the pressure and pain of the inner process. What is rarely perceived is that at the spiritual octave of pain (as opposed to physical pain which is unavoidable) there is no need for emotional suffering. The intensity of the transformative process must indeed be valiantly borne, but suffering only happens when someone is unconscious of why they are suffering.

Let us delve deeper into this because it’s such an important part of living the spiritual life. As someone becomes more spiritually alive in the sense of living to serve every moment the source of inner truth, they are invoking the spirit to enter their body more profoundly. The emotional entity of self is powerless to stop this but deploys every disruptive and slippery tactic it knows to distract and diminish the resolve of the man or woman. The spirit, as it permeates the psychic space of the person, punctures the walls of self, registered as the dying to the pain of unresolved unconscious experiences of the past.

There’s a difference between the normal reaction of emotional pain and the conscious acceptance of the inner purification of self; this is that the individual knows that what they are passing through is bringing them back to life as the original state of being. Someone may even inwardly utter ‘please don’t stop’ as the spirit mercilessly pounds the resistance of self to the mystery beyond its ken. It’s this quality of forbearance which distinguishes the real spiritual man or woman who has discovered the true purpose of life. It’s unbelievable to the mind that each human being represents the living truth of the entire spiritual system of reality. Our lives replicate not only the conception of the idea of life on earth but how life externalised and flourished in its myriad forms. What had originally kept the planet in harmony as a cohesive body of humanity was that each moment was continually being released and reborn anew as the ongoing life and death process of existence.

The inner process brings about the restoration of this magnificent idea called life on earth. To invoke this at a conscious level of perception, all that’s necessary is to be willing to make whatever changes are necessary to restore harmony in the living life. No decisions are required because whatever is needed as any action will unfold as the new circumstances and events. To the person attached to making choices based on their emotional feelings, this will seem like a form of death – which it is to the emotional self. The power of the spirit is its impersonal yet deeply intimate reality which changes the life without effort or force. When the self surrenders from the depths of its core of suffering, the power endures as the presence of the spiritual being now unencumbered by the mantle of the false persona. The inner process goes on; but the person no longer suffers, having been made whole and undivided in the spiritual purity of the being.