The Invitation

April 16, 2021 1 By Lance Kelly

Everyone’s invited to planet earth to exist in a flesh and blood body for an unspecified period. Depending on personal profiles and credit checks, there are some amazing things to do. These may include learning to be an accountant, baker, teacher or joining the armed forces where there could be the opportunity to kill or be killed. It’s not all hard slog as there’s plenty of recreational time to go shopping, build a shed, have some sex or watch TV. No wonder there’s a waiting list as long as your arm to come on down.

Included in the package are great deals, such as having power over others through economic superiority (or if you’ve drawn the booby prize, being subjected to tyranny and oppression for seventy years or so). Sounds harsh but that’s all part of the uncertainty of living. What makes this package so incredible is that although there are billions of people in the world, it’s you the individual who’s at the centre of your own self-made universe. This is because of a clause not usually seen in the contract which states that I in each body am responsible for whatever happens, regardless of any conflicts or trauma encountered on the way. Each individual lives their life in accordance with the knowledge of existence gained through experience in time.

People have discovered a strange way to keep entertained when not occupied in activity. This is to allow the mind free rein to imagine scenes from the memorable past which stir the emotions. This creates a warm sticky feeling inside, the energy of which then fixes to the flesh of the body. The effect over time is similar to having a friend who’s sometimes loyal and supportive, but can turn without warning and be hurtful or cruel. This is something left to the discretion of each person to discover whether there’s any value in this way of living.

The most satisfying thing that keeps people coming back to the world is the sheer diversity of experience; the people of the earth can’t seem to get enough of it. That’s good for business, of course, and keeps the creation a going concern. But for those discerning individuals who’ve begun to question the whole package deal (having been around the block enough times), there’s a dawning of a higher purpose than normally meets the eye. What these folk discover is that the world they inhabit as a separate body, where people and objects are always at a distance, is not their world at all. Furthermore, whatever is achieved within the brief window to sensory existence doesn’t last because everybody dies. It’s a conundrum that can only be solved at the source of the mystery itself.

What happens after each recurrence is that, after a time, there’s a pull to return to earth and disconnect from the peace and creative freedom behind the formal appearance of the world. This is an energetic signal registered as a feeling to begin a new life in a fresh body within the dream of existence. The invitation is for those still attached to the need for experience to fulfil what is assumed to be missing as an absence of fulfilment. The idea, when all has been expressed as a sensory being, is to decline the invitation to return in form once more to the earth. This terminates the contract and enables the being to go on into a deeper reality, unrestricted and liberated from the constraints of time and past.