The Magic Carpet

December 15, 2018 2 By Lance Kelly

In the myth of the magic carpet, it was possible to fly and be transported anywhere at the blink of an eye. As in all myths, there’s a fundamental truth contained within the story which can be applied to gain a deeper knowledge of existence.

The magic carpet retains its magical properties through remaining on a straight trajectory as it travels through space and time. In this, the magic carpet is symbolic of the Will as an unwavering power line of divine focus. This is the resolve and fortitude invoked when difficult external events challenge the direction the man or woman is heading towards at any time in the life.

Whenever there’s an inner disturbance as any feeling of emotional negativity, such as anger or anxiety, you can be sure that your magic carpet is curling downwards and that you’re starting to drop. The idea is to keep flying at a level altitude, which is maintained by being present in the senses. This keeps the body rightly centred within the fabric of the carpet.

It’s great fun to fly here and there to participate in the drama of life. But the carpet is only truly magical when someone’s able to ascend at will into the rarefied air to perceive the world from above. Then everything is seen to be in its place.