The Magical Life

December 24, 2021 0 By Lance Kelly

Life is magical in those moments when connected to the spiritual essence of the earth and its natural bounty. The changing seasons reflect the passage of time, each having a unique quality that mirrors a phase of the life. Winter, for example, is the time when the inclination is to withdraw deeper into the psyche, and in the stillness of a wintry scene the world can seem to slow down. The magical light of a sunrise at this time of year can bring tears to the eyes in the recognition of the sensory beauty of love in its impersonal guise.

People give gifts on special occasions such as birthdays or at Christmas and perhaps decorate the home with lights to invoke the magical element of life. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But what about at other times of the year when there’s not much going on to celebrate? The idea is to bring the magical touch into every moment of the living experience. When life is lived spontaneously, free of fear and emotional negativity, there is always something magical happening – the little bird chirping on a branch, a baby gurgling in intimate connection with the joy of life, the beauty of a flower, and even the water coming instantly when the tap’s turned on. However in many people, even when there’s nothing in particular troubling them externally, the flow of reality is unable to fructify the being to its radiant potential. This is due to the unresolved accumulation of emotion which depletes the finest energies within the body.

And yet everyone enters the magical state at some time, often when least expected. This is because we are, in essence, in constant touch with the source of love, even when the burden of the world seems to obscure the connection. The magical state is none other than love itself. But it’s rare in these times for someone to have made love real enough within their own body to live in an uninterrupted state of peace in the world. The separation from love creates the search in existence for what is sensed to be missing; people try to fill this vacuum with some new experience, or perhaps a love affair which rarely turns out as planned.  What then is the secret of the magical life?

To live a magical life is to be continually giving back in gratitude to the source of creation. Letting go of the last moment keeps the psyche free flowing and the person vitally alert to life. It’s a good practice to acknowledge the abundance in the life before addressing the tasks of the day; this prevents any emotional negativity from arising. Magic and the magical are a world apart. Whenever someone is demanding, or looks to get something for their self, the magical quality is reduced and becomes a lower grade of energy in the world which is magic. Magic is personal and takes from the psyche which upsets the harmony of the whole of life. The magical is impersonal and edifies the consciousness through the virtue of its timeless purity.  The perception of life here on earth is then lifted to another dimension.