The Matrix

July 28, 2023 3 By Lance Kelly


We live in a matrix of immeasurable unity of purpose. Every living organism, as well as inanimate objects, contributes to the shimmering radiance of the matrix. The closest form of life to the matrix is space – the final abstract link to sensory perception. To the degree that space is seen to connect all things in the objective world (including inner space where we think and know that something exists), the more we unite with the idea of the matrix as an aspect of our own living reality.

The matrix permeates each level of existence from the eternal to the sensory material world. Each movement, from an errant thought to the birth of a star, is a facet of its infinite complexity. Such is the profundity of the matrix that words such as omniscience, God, love or truth are inadequate to describe its ubiquitous presence. It is, of course, all that these words endeavour to convey, but extends beyond even the idea of terrestrial life. Whereas the spiritual potential of human beings is to realise the source of intelligence as I the beholder, the matrix encompasses even more abstract realms of inconceivable cosmic space and time.

Closer to the earth, the psychic aspect of the matrix integrates with sensual existence and can be registered in subtle ways. For example, the matrix can sometimes be sensed in nature through the secretion of a psychic plasma, not unlike an ethereal haze of a mirage on the horizon. When someone is emotionally agitated it disturbs the field of the matrix and the space of those in close proximity; this is why people feel uncomfortable in the presence of someone emitting negative vibes. Alternatively, when at ease or in touch with the wellbeing within the body, the surrounding space is energised with the harmonious matrix of life.

The underlying character of the matrix is justice and virtue, which directs all things towards the ideal of excellence as intelligence in matter. It does this by superimposing an ethereal composition of light through the stellax, the nucleus of the being – the integral atom of infinity. The stellax is a unique waypoint of divine intelligence and the mythic point of each man and woman’s true spiritual identity. This stellar principle of cosmic intelligence extends to every iota of space to the furthest constellation. Stars represent the pinnacle of intelligence as the supernal idea behind each of us as our cosmic potential.

The word ‘matrix’ originates from ‘mater’, the mother principle conceived within the universal womb as the progenitor of life. The impulse while alive is to reach the creative intensity of the womb through the sexual imperative, as in death all gravitate back to this source of life – the eventual respite at journey’s end. Each life recurrence eliminates some portion of human ignorance as an evolving process towards the realisation of the original state of being. Ultimately, the matrix obliterates even the faintest trace of existence, yet is the fundamental mystery behind everything that manifests in time.

The reality of the matrix is being made more accessible in these times in preparation for the new phase of human culture. The most startling breakthrough will be in science as a radical departure from the outdated mode of scientific thought based on sub-light speed intelligence. Although the scientists themselves will be unconscious of the source of the inspirational knowledge (as direct experience of reality), they will be instrumental in vicariously assisting the more devotional presence of humanity. The release of previously dormant energies will create a surge of spiritual inspiration for those willing to be responsible for a deeper realisation of truth.