The Meeting Point of Love

December 31, 2017 0 By Lance Kelly

At every level in existence there’s a meeting point of love. People in all walks of life come together, and after the customary salutations it’s the meeting point of love that determines how things unfold. There are two distinct actions of love in the coming and goings of the world: attraction and repulsion. Sometimes there’s an instant connection or, alternatively, people don’t appear to get on at all.

The moment when a baby is born, fresh and innocent from the womb, is a sacred meeting point of love in existence between mother and child. As beautiful and profound as this is, the primary meeting point of love at the octave of the sensory world is in the physical act of lovemaking. This is because the union initiates a way for incipient life to enter existence. We all came out of the womb.

However, at the octave of the spirit when love is consciously made with divine purpose, the union of the male and female principles is aligned with the original state of being. When lovers merge in the sweetness of each other’s flesh, the meeting point is divine. This fusion between the two genders creates the synthesis of the creative power of God or the source of life before it takes form.

The union of the male and female principles activates a spiritual light within the psyche. When a man or woman is inwardly focused on the invisible realm within their own body and becomes devotional to its mystery, the light or spiritual presence is similarly activated. This is indeed a meeting point of love, but remains out of existence. The purpose of physical union is to bring love into existence where it’s so desperately needed in the world. When love is made as a benediction from love itself, the conscious presence of the man and woman enables the pure power of love to enter existence in its timeless reality.

Man in his true nature is the Lord of the universe. Woman’s true essence is the Goddess, the guardian of love on earth. In lovemaking, the male sexual energy gravitates into existence from outer space as an emanation of light from the cosmos. The female energy arises on a wave of love from the inner space of the womb. The universal meeting point is eternity, from which the spiritual idea of the earth is disseminated through the psyche as fragments in time.

It’s the conscious state of an individual that determines at any moment the direction love takes as a way of establishing harmony on the earth. However, love appears to be off the agenda for the majority of the human race. The fact is that humanity as a whole is mostly unconscious and pursues a self-serving existence in the struggle to find solace in their lives. This is self-evident in the current condition of the world with its wars, poverty and injustice.

Nevertheless, what’s usually unperceived is the equilibrium or invisible power holding everything together at the centre. The underlying impulse of our earthly existence is the endeavour to reach this place of equilibrium through the meeting point of love.