The Mirror of Truth

October 14, 2022 3 By Lance Kelly

Everything around us reflects the truth of existence, just as a bathroom mirror reflects whatever’s in front of it. Each of us mirrors some aspect of reality to others through our knowledge of life and by our actions in the world. From a spiritual perspective, people tend to gravitate towards the reflection of those that serve some purpose in becoming more authentic and less attached to emotional negativity. The condition of the world at any moment mirrors the evolutionary point of humanity’s virtue amidst the struggle to overcome the forces of existence, which appear as the paranoia, fear and uncertainty of the times.

When someone is real enough to begin to enter their body as a conscious exercise of self-discovery, they are looking into the mirror of truth. The mirror is inner space. But at first, and for a good while until the mind becomes attuned to this finer perception, nothing appears to be happening. However, there is great activity at an enhanced level of mind. When someone is able to remain conscious while looking into the mirror of inner space, the effect of nothing perceiving nothing reduces existence to a point of pure potentiality. When this point can be held, what is seen in the mirror of truth is the psychic entity that has been subverting the finest energies of the body – the emotional self. The conscious focus of attention contains the emotion, which is then unable to move. The effect of this begins to transform the negative content from the band of emotion which is registered in varying degrees of intensity by the man or woman. The greater the attachment, the more the pain and suffering experienced in the process of self-transformation. But as someone valiantly perseveres, the more the mirror of truth becomes an ever finer reflection of the spiritual power of the being.

What is the mirror of truth that is able to transform the negativity of self and reflect the purity of life without form? It is the eternal body, the reflection of which is love in existence. The finest form in existence is space; for without it, life would be impossible with no space for anything to exist. The external space we see around us has been divested of its original consciousness. This is because the mirror of the human psyche has become corrupted by the stains and smears of thousands of years of unresolved human experience. These solid blocks of intensified emotional energies subvert the power of the spiritual light as it enters existence. Over a vast tract of time, inner and outer space merged as one field of degraded human consciousness. It now falls on the individual alone to restore their apportioned inner space to its original state of love.

The challenge is to face my self in the mirror of truth. It’s just to observe without thought or movement of the mind; to be naked psychologically to whatever happens in the moment. The knowledge that I am being made pure is the protection and inspiration to get the job done, come what may. I am alone but supported by the power of spirit in the body in which I dwell. This is sometimes referred as the body of Christ, and in other religious traditions as the sacred dwelling place of the Lord. But this inner reality is not discovered through any external agency, but by I in each body. What is gained by he or she who is willing to face the hell of their self within the mirror of truth while alive is the knowledge of life everlasting within the eternal body of love.