The Mystery of Déjà Vu

October 10, 2020 1 By Lance Kelly

With the main focus on the constantly changing screen of sensory objects, the inner processing of the life’s experience consists mostly of memorable impressions of the past that blend with the immediacy of the present. Rarely are things seen as they are without emotional distortion and a personal bias which conditions the truth of existence. But occasionally something happens unexpectedly that makes someone question the rational cause and effect world that appears so convincing and unquestionably real; déjà vu is one of these anomalies. It’s the feeling that something happening now has been experienced before. This is quite a common occurrence and something that, not surprisingly, intrigues many people.

The mystery of déjà vu is that everything happens now as this ever changing moment. So when déjà vu is experienced it’s the recognition in the brain of an apparent overlap of time, not unlike two sequences of film being run simultaneously. The momentary blip is quickly superseded by the continuation of the film. But we can look deeper into the psyche and follow the trail to discern the truth of this apparent random occurrence. We experience life as a multiplicity of being, although the mind is unable to process many of these finer perceptions. As psychic beings, our range of experience is immeasurable compared to the rational mind, which normally keeps such considerations at a distance.

The feeling of déjà vu occurs when the mind is momentarily stilled and receptive to life. In this temporary cessation of movement, the signal of transmission from the psyche to the brain is amplified. The effects are manifold, each being conditioned by the oscillation of the creative point (which is the most evolved spiritual centre within the nucleus of the brain) and the emotional body surrounding its perimeter of space. One of the primary effects of this is the elimination of the distinction between the past and present.

In the inrush of data being received, the dominant sense can sometimes be intuited as déjà vu – a sequence of existence that’s already happened but at a different time gradient than is normally experienced. People sometimes have a similar experience at another level of the  psyche which they attribute to a past life. Incredibly, these are simply effects of the only real event that’s ever happened: the original moment of eternity. The entire life on earth has already been completed in reality but played out in the past.

Although déjà vu is a random happening it does demonstrate an aspect of the remarkable system of intelligence operating behind the physical phenomena of existence. It’s an opening of a brief window into something wondrous which is always productive in reducing the distance between then and now.