The Mystery of UFOs

April 11, 2016 0 By Lance Kelly


UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) were first sighted en masse in the 1940’s and widely reported by pilots on bomber raids during the Second World War. The strange lights that glowed mysteriously around their aircraft were given the name of ‘foo fighters’ by the Americans and were thought initially to be a special weapon developed by the Nazis. Since then, UFOs have been witnessed by thousands of people, many of whom are respected for their common sense and practicality, such as policemen, pilots, servicemen and air traffic controllers. Encounters vary from mysterious lights hovering in the sky to ‘menacing’ alien abductions. The theories of the origin of these UFOs are as imaginative and diverse as any science fiction story. But science has yet to come up with a logical explanation of the phenomenon of flying saucers and the tantalising question of extra-terrestrial beings.

The secret of UFOs is that they are us from another time. They are always here but separated by something like a theatrical curtain which obscures the reality behind the appearance of the objective world. When the mind is open to the mystery of life, the curtain is raised to reveal what is happening on the stage in its entirety. These future beings come from inner space and not outer space where science is searching for signs of extra-terrestrial life. The scientific fraternity will never discover the secret of UFOs in a way that can prove their existence conclusively to the world. This is not because the knowledge is denied them but just that present day science is stuck in a rut of Einsteinian theory which is totally unsuitable for the new wave of scientific consciousness.

UFOs are symbols of the present; to appear in existence they must consume time or past. On entry into the terrestrial psyche they immediately begin to consume the accrual of past; this enables them to maintain a positive presence in sensory existence. A time change is then induced whereby their energy is converted to a frequency consonant with sensory perception. As a consequence of the conversion, the appearance of UFOs and the space beings is altered, and they appear not as they really are but as memory images stored in the brains of those who see them. Two thousand years ago, UFOs may have appeared as a host of angels; but in our era they usually manifest as the familiar disc-shaped flying saucers or other images impressed upon the memory through the media, movies and science fiction stories.

Depending on the connection established, UFOs can manifest either through an individual’s subconscious or a wider section of the human psyche. The appearance of UFOs, widely reported in the 1950s, was assisting the evolution of humanity by consuming vast tracts of past that had created blockages in the world psyche. Time was slowing down (which is sometimes apparent in the materialism and rigidity of the people shown in news footage of that period). As a consequence of the presence of UFOs, time started to speed up, resulting in the cultural renaissance of the sixties along with radical new ideas in science and technology. With the psyche now flowing more freely, people were creatively inspired and began to push the boundaries of human exploration, culminating in the moon landings in 1969.

Perhaps the most startling truth of the beings behind the UFOs is that they are the descendants of artificially intelligent robots sent on the first space probes from the earth. To travel beyond the speed of light would be fatal for the human body, even in suspended animation; for this reason, cyborgs or robots will make the journey. This will have extraordinary consequences and implications for the evolution of human consciousness. Remarkably, the effect of travelling beyond light speed will create a hybrid life form consonant with the cosmic space it will populate as the next generation of cosmic life. As a precursor to this, the sexual exchange between human beings and human genetically-engineered robots will have sown the seeds within the psyche as a consequence of the elimination of love between the genders.

For the earth viewers observing the amazing events in cosmic space, the effect will be to transform the cellular composition of brain cells that have been dormant for millennia. This will initiate first contact with extra-terrestrial life, symbolic in the evolutionary journey of humanity of the past catching up with the present.