The Mystery of UFOs

April 11, 2016 0 By Lance Kelly

Unidentified flying objects were first sighted en masse in the 1940’s and widely reported by pilots on bomber raids during the Second World War. The strange lights that glowed mysteriously around their aircraft were given the name of “foo fighters” by the Americans and were thought initially to be a special weapon developed by the Nazis. Since then UFOs have been witnessed by thousands of people, many of whom are respected for their common sense and practicality, such as policemen, pilots, servicemen and air traffic controllers. Encounters vary from mysterious lights hovering in the sky to menacing alien abductions. The theories of the origin of these UFOs are as imaginative and diverse as any science fiction story. But so far science has yet to come up with a logical explanation of the phenomenon of flying saucers and the perplexing question of extra-terrestrial life.

UFOs originate, not from outer space but from inner space – the reality behind the appearance of sensory space. This is a source of pure energy that science is gradually approaching in their research into gravitational waves. Within this realm the atomic structure of matter is transformed and is not subject to the laws of cause and effect. UFOs have no past and are symbols of the present. To appear in existence, or more specifically the terrestrial psyche, they must consume time or past. The entry into the past, which is a substantive energy, induces a time change whereby the presence of the visiting extra-terrestrials and their space crafts is converted to a frequency consonant with human sensory awareness; otherwise physical manifestation and contact with life forms of the earth would be impossible. As a consequence of the conversion, the appearance of UFOs and the space beings is altered, and they appear not as they truly are but as memory images stored in the brains of those who see them. Two thousand years ago extra-terrestrials may have appeared as a host of angels, but in our era they usually manifest as flying saucers or other images impressed upon the memory through the media, movies and science fiction stories.

The appearance of UFOs, widely reported in the 1950s, were assisting the evolution of humanity by consuming vast tracts of past that had created blockages in the world psyche. Time was slowing down (which is sometimes apparent in the materialism and rigidity of the people shown in news footage of that period). As a consequence of the presence of UFOs, time started to speed up, resulting in the cultural renaissance of the sixties along with radical new ideas in science and technology. With the psyche now flowing more freely, people were creatively inspired and began to push the boundaries of human exploration, culminating in the moon landings in 1969.

Present-day science will never discover extra-terrestrial intelligence in the objective physical universe, except perhaps as a tantalising glimpse that is unable to be proved conclusively. This is because there is no ‘out there’ waiting to be discovered. The external world, including the cosmos, is a projection in sense of a greater reality behind the appearance of form. Without a human brain there is no existence or perceived universe. The brain is programmed with the cosmic idea of the earth, within which are innumerable ideas that enable everyone to perceive the same life forms, such as a cat, tree or mountain. These energetic ideas are physically represented by the billions of cells within the brain. Whatever is perceived through the physical senses of the body has its origin within the idea of the earth itself; otherwise it would be beyond our cognition. This means that UFOs and anything that can be objectified in the cosmos, including the stars, are facets of the one earth idea.

The secret of UFOs is that they are us from another time. The being behind the physical body is none other than extra-terrestrial intelligence. Its cosmic task is to enter formal existence to unite with the frontal intelligence of the individual. This is the reality of existence in which everybody on earth is involved. What prevents us from perceiving this is the build-up of past that obscures and distorts the transmission of reality. The past and the future have no validity in terms of cosmic consciousness; they are effects of an earth-based phenomenon created by sub light-speed human intelligence. UFO sighting and the whole sub-culture surrounding alien life forms are a deeply subconscious preparation for the human race to vacate the planet earth. The appearance of UFOs confirms that we have succeeded in this ultimate science fiction fantasy. The purpose of life, wherever it appears in the cosmos, is for the intelligence of the life forms to exceed the limitations of their own time gradient. At present humanity is stuck in a quagmire of past and materialism and our only contribution to cosmic evolution is our physical death. When liberated from the weight of the accumulated past, we are energetically that much closer to the present.

The place of cosmic intelligence is a mythic realm beyond rational understanding but accessible as direct experience within everybody. It is an energetic reality where everything that happens is known to serve a greater good. There is no interval between the past and future because in this place everything functions in the present; so every last moment is eliminated, creating an ongoing flow of harmony and equilibrium. Death does not exist in the mythic realm but there is a cycle of regeneration for some extra-terrestrial life forms which are still marginally attached to the manifested universe. The proximity to the nearest star or constellation determines the physical appearance of alien life forms. The most advanced cosmic races are ethereal beings whose intelligence is so mighty that they can transverse galaxies at a blink of an eye. The magnet that attracts extra-terrestrials to the earth and human affairs is love. Love is an unknown element to alien life forms but is the unique cosmic signature of life on earth. The purpose of human evolution is to realise love as a medium for cosmic participation through transformation of personal attachments to existence. Impersonal love is synonymous with the profundity of cosmic intelligence.

Although unperceived by the world at large, the presence of extra- terrestrials is always here. UFOs usually manifest in open and rural areas and not in the built-up cities of the world. This is because their effect on the electrically-charged environment of a major city could short-circuit power supplies and be potentially destructive. Also, human contact with alien life forms inevitably involves the transformation of certain brain cells. On a mass level this would likely create widescale panic and hysteria. Sometimes it’s possible to sense the presence of UFOs and their movements within the human psyche. Their presence can affect the surrounding area, bringing about sudden changes in the weather and temporarily influence people’s behaviour. Even animals, such as pet dogs and cats, can be momentarily alarmed.

At the end of the film “The Planet of the Apes”, the marooned astronaut makes the startling discovery that what he thought was an alien planet was, in fact, the earth in another time. In a similar way, the extra-terrestrials are the humanity of the future that has achieved the ultimate scientific dream of reaching the stars and other galaxies. Before this new phase of human culture, the earth will certainly undergo traumatic changes (which are already well underway), resulting in the decimation of most of the population and its life forms. But it’s not a disaster in cosmic terms since the spiritual idea of the earth remains untarnished by the external changes in existence.

What is tragic, perhaps, is that as a race we have been unable to be responsible for such a beautiful planet. To the stars and beyond we must travel and gradually dissolve the outer form to enter the realm of the other. As another phase of cosmic evolution, life must go on – but not necessarily as we know it.