The Patriarchal Legacy

October 19, 2019 6 By Lance Kelly

Patriarchy is clearly an outdated culture for our modern way of life. But today a growing number of women use the concept of patriarchy as an excuse to vent their own anger towards man and, in so doing, unknowingly cut off from the true power of the female principle. The power of the female is her passivity, which is the stillness of love as the original state of being. What woman rarely perceives in these times is that any movement to challenge or change man through any overt action or intent unknowingly perpetuates the patriarchal legacy.

The patriarchal legacy parallels the evolutionary ascent of the species whereby only the fittest or strongest survived. In man the impulse was driven by the need to control and manipulate woman, mostly for sexual gratification and procreation to ensure the legacy of his bloodline. Over the millennia this engendered within the female psyche a deep loathing and mistrust of man for his betrayal of her in love. This demonic intensity periodically rises to the surface awareness to assail man for his transgressions. Thus the task for woman is to desist from making him her adversary in the world as this will feed the emotional negativity of self she’s absorbed from man’s dishonesty to love.

Man as he is has mostly abdicated his power to love through his failure to reach woman at her deepest centre. Woman for her part has contributed to the appalling condition of the world and must be responsible for her role in the degradation of life on earth. But she really had no choice but to follow the example of man’s exploitative and underhand dealings which inevitably caused misery and disenchantment throughout the ages. This she did primarily through a sexual trade-off with him in exchange for material security and the protection of her children. However, this engendered in her a self-doubt that so often clouds her joy and spontaneity. Until a woman has faced this in herself and transformed this emotional negativity back to love she will always fear man’s sexual force, despite her outer confidence to function in his world.

The world will never fundamentally change in this epoch of human evolution. Whatever happens in the time that’s left will be superficial and another step away from love. The world is not the earth but a sub-creation built on the sexual force of greed and self-interest superimposed upon the simplicity of nature in all its beauty. The core of the world cannot be changed, only modified here and there by changing trends and attitudes. Man will never relinquish his hold on his most precious creation. This is his self as an edifice of pride and arrogance, now fully externalised through his skyscrapers, spaceships and achievements in science, industry and commerce. The insanity of the world is a mirror of man’s psychic condition and the tragedy is that woman has been duped into joining him, not as an equal partner in love and truth, but in a supporting role that occasionally sees her in the spotlight. But what’s overlooked is the grotesque laughing entity of man’s sexual self sniggering in the dark at woman’s desperate efforts to establish herself as his equal in the world.

The patriarchal legacy of the world has to be transformed through love. As a man perseveres in purifying his sexual self, the divine nature of his pure authority is restored. When a woman recognises this quality in a man she willingly surrenders any conflicting position of negative emotionality that would challenge the male dominance in the world. The most significant way that man can demonstrate his nobility of purpose is in physical lovemaking. When he can contain the instinctual procreative urge for orgasm as sexual gratification, he creates a bridge for the union of the male and female principles to merge in a unity of divine being. The man in that moment holds the forces of existence at bay and enables the power of love to be realised in the flesh. This is the divine, genderless state within each body where patriarch, matriarch and all other human concepts are transcended.