The Perfection of Life

October 3, 2020 1 By Lance Kelly

The perfection of life is everything that is happening now or at any moment. The imperfection is the limitation of the mind which interprets the unity of the whole of existence as slithers of memorable impressions of the past. As an instrument of time, the mind can only focus on a particular object at any moment. This works reasonably well as a practical agency in the world. But when the clarity of mind is invaded by the virulence of emotional feelings, the person becomes a virtual prisoner to the manipulation of self – the only imperfection of life.

People become disenchanted, depressed and often inconsolable whenever something goes against their expectations, such as being made redundant at work or when a lover leaves them. It’s the sudden impact of a change to the continuity of life against the perfection of the whole. What would happen if the events and circumstances normally assumed to be ‘bad’ happenings could be absorbed without any negativity arising? And the answer is that the life would then be perfect. This state of being is available to everyone, but rarely is the offer seriously considered to be a viable proposition.

Nevertheless it’s the knowledge of life’s perfection as a total state of being that makes it possible to go on in this world, particularly in these times when the uncertainty and pressure of just getting by is causing extreme anxiety and agitation in many people. But everyone gets through even the most difficult circumstances since we’re all living for something greater than this life. And yet there’s only this life which, although a seeming paradox, is an aspect of the perfection of the whole. The truth, being a timeless principle of our divine nature, can only be perceived through the false. The false is the assumption that there’s something more important to do than to love life and to be grateful for what’s provided as the abundance of the earth in its myriad forms. Until fully grasped, the imperfection of the false notions of life will always drive the person further out into the madness of the world.

Life in its wisdom knows that when an individual has suffered enough, the impulse is to consciously return to the Source back through the condition of unhappiness to unite with the perfection within. Sometimes on the way back home people become one with their perfect body, the formless inner being. This is life before it enters the brain, or whatever it is that makes sense of this existence. But it’s not possible to impart the knowledge from the other side of sense perception to those still identified with the forms on the objective side of the mind. And yet the perfection of this wondrous creation ensures that, when it’s time, the person will find that help is always at hand. The prerequisite is to be willing to undergo whatever’s necessary to face the treacherous self. Each person is their own jailer, just as each is their own saviour waiting to be realised in time.