The Political Revolution

April 7, 2016 0 By Lance Kelly

th (57)Politics is undergoing a radical transformation as a reaction to increased global agitation and heightened uncertainty in the people. In the wake of the latest terrorist atrocities, migrant crises and financial shenanigans, the current legislation is being questioned by disgruntled voters and the political parties themselves. The political landscape is changing and a new breed of politician is emerging that is more suited to the times.

In the crossover period between the old and new, maverick politicians are beginning to appear on the scene promising radical reform. But they will be unable to deliver the goods. As the global gap between the rich and poor widens, increasing civil unrest will necessitate a more militant stance from politicians, resulting in violent clashes between civilians and police. The politicians themselves will adopt a hard line to counter the hostility of the masses and become more vulnerable to assassination and indiscriminate attacks from terrorist organisations.

In the future the most significant changes in politics will parallel world-shaking events, with remarkable scientific breakthroughs that will transform society and the global community. The new political generation will be unrecognisable compared to their counterparts of today. The future political leaders will be digitally programmed reformers and the new political body will be consonant with people’s virtual way of life. Politics will be revolutionised by new technology that rapidly speeds up the transference of information and data, enabling far-reaching social changes to be implemented in a much reduced time frame.

The new politician will be more visible to the electorate through four-dimensional holograms that resemble, rather ominously, the Big Brother prophecy of Orwell’s 1984. Space stations orbiting the earth will be built as government bases for security purposes and to counter the air pollution arising from global warming. One of the effects of this will be a form of acid rain which will decimate agriculture worldwide and poison all life forms of the oceans. Genetically modified produce grown underground will be a politically sensitive issue. Everyone will be required to be registered on a national grid, which in turn will be linked to a worldwide database. People will vote through biological implants that have a unique digital signature. To the people of the future it will all seem quite normal.

The human psyche supports the structure of the physical world. The accumulated experience of life on earth is energetically preserved within the psyche and is in a continual state of change and refinement. Within the vast psychic body of humanity are separate bodies of life experience that have amalgamated over time. The body politic is such an entity. Like other bodies, such as the scientific body, it is continually being updated and refined. A psychic body is similar to a physical body in being vulnerable to infection when its immune system is weakened. The body politic is breaking up due to intense inner pressure. This is enabling a new energy or idea to be released into the world that will obliterate the past structure of the political mind. The new politician will be liberated from the restrictions of their modern counterparts. Although subject to the democratic system of government, they will have new powers that bypass the need for the traditional process of policy-making. They will be motivated by a cultural ideal for peace and equality for all – a vision that will appear reachable because of the heightened perception of politicians looking down upon the earth from outer space.

The failure of any political system to practically apply its principles of justice for all is self-evident in the history of western civilisation. Each has failed, because any political policy must take a particular position which will be opposed by some other politician or political party. The result is Labour opposed to Conservative and Republican opposed to Democratic, with the minority parties snapping at their heels. Existence consists of opposite polarities or forces that undergo tremendous stress and conflict until equilibrium is attained. In the natural world this is achieved with remarkable genius and precision. In the man-made world the balance of power is precarious at the best of times.

Nothing works here in existence for long because there’s always some more bad news coming that overrides any good news broadcast through the media. Should anyone who is truly effective as a social reformer appear on the scene, they would very soon be discredited or disowned by party members. The world exists to perpetuate the unhappiness and ignorance of the human race. Politics is the ultimate compromise. Its sole purpose is to dispense with the individual and project its fanciful and unworkable principles onto the masses. In the future, the body politic will be transformed as a structure, but still exist as an impediment to the greater good. It will attract in time the opposite negative force as a reaction to its idealistic but flawed vision of life on earth. This will be the ultimate showdown between the combined positive and negative forces of existence.