The Power and the Glory

March 5, 2022 2 By Lance Kelly

Power is the first octave of being which arises into existence as the principle of love. Man and woman represent both the power and the glory. However, the power of love must be contained before the glory comes to unify these two aspects of divine being. While there is more negativity than love in the body as unresolved aspects of self, the power will seem to vacillate and sometimes cut off, just as an electrical power cut temporarily shuts down the supply.

The earth is the planet of love within the matrix of cosmic consciousness – the kingdom of reality. Nothing can exist without the presence of love, and yet this most desirable state is an enigma that reduces in potency whenever the person becomes attached to the past and refuses to let go of their experience. This short-circuits the harmony of life which is the glory of existence being renewed every moment. But with perseverance to living a more conscious way of life, the power is harnessed within the body and introduces glimpses, to begin with, of the glory of creation. When the power of love reaches the octave of original being, the body consciousness undergoes a transformation which activates the enlightenment point within the nucleus of the brain. With the personal psychic space now purified of the corrosive elements of past, the light of eternity reflects back the glory of life in its original timeless state.

The turning point for someone inspired to be more conscious is when the love of the mystery of life itself becomes greater than the attachment to the world. The world consists of experience which eventually turns to pain, frustration and fear of the unknown. The world is all that can be known, whereas the truth of existence is unknowable and yet able to be realised as a unity of knowledge when in union with love. The person we think we are is really an invention of the mind that enables the interaction with other persons in a sort of dream state while awake. The full-time occupation of any person is to conceal their true identity which, being unreal, collapses when in the presence of truth or a being who has made love conscious. When the power of love shines through the body, the character behind the form emerges as a unique light of consciousness without fear or intent. To perceive this in another invokes spiritual love in the recognition of the glory of existence.