The Power in Woman

November 28, 2020 3 By Lance Kelly

The world is fuelled by a progressive drive which must run its course until the end of time. The direction humanity has chosen is taking man and woman ever further away from love. The human race has brought about the current global conditions of conflict and strife, which we all must live out as the consequences of those who came before and those who continue to be in revolt to the harmony of life. And yet, miraculously, love is still in charge of life on earth.

Woman personifies love in existence. However, for a woman to be what she is (instead of what she thinks she should be) is an almost impossible task in these times – impossible in the sense that every thought, feeling, notion or concept of love is an aspect of the male projective force that built the world. While a woman is self-doubtful, depressed, resentful, and feels she has the right to blame anyone, she will be vulnerable to the emotional manipulation of others and of herself. Woman is love; but for this principle of supreme beauty and mystery to be realised as the living demonstration of God in existence involves a radical shift in consciousness.

It’s undeniable that woman has repeatedly been abused and made to capitulate to the whims of man over the millennia. This male craving for power and exploitation over another is still rife, as is the experience of any woman who has ever dared to love and been subjected to the force of man’s sexual possession. However, both man and woman have contributed to the appalling condition of the world: man through the substitute love of his world; woman by believing that her power resides in her ability to compete with him and so abdicates her spiritual integrity. Whether consciously or at a deeply subconscious level she retains this essential knowledge, which will be refuted by any woman still engaged in the futility of trying to change man through anything but her innate female consciousness.

If a woman assumes she can change man by protesting and joining him in his phallic charge into existence, she is mistaken. That’s not to say she should not give voice to the mistreatment of her in society, as has been the case for many courageous women who have put their lives on the line to come forward. But while she believes she can make any lasting change to the overall impoverishment of love on earth by any projective show of force, she is misguided. This is because at every level in existence, force creates counter force which stokes the emotional body into defending and strengthening a particular position of mind. These are the male energies rampant within the world psyche that a woman absorbs when disconnected from love, her true nature. As a consequence of man’s degradation of love throughout the ages, her fury will often rise up to try to make him accountable, even to a man whose true endeavour is to serve her in love.

What can be done? Firstly, it’s for a woman to refuse to make love with a sexually excitable man. Should she do so, the emotional energy that lingers after any sexual exchange in the absence of love will attach her to the repetition of experience. Love is not an experience but discovered afresh in the moment. Man has attached woman to sex, which makes her vulnerable to being exploited. She has to break through the fear of his male reactionary self to point out to him when he’s undermining her, which if left to fester will build up in her as more resentment and self-doubt. This will not be possible unless any relationship begins with a clear understanding of what will not be tolerated. For a woman to be in command of love she must yield only to her unquestionable knowledge of what has brought pain and suffering as a consequence of her compromise with man. She has to rise above the fear of losing her man if she doesn’t comply with his sexual demands or his refusal to be more conscious of his actions.

The power in woman is her passivity of love; this doesn’t mean subservience to man but that in residing in her inner state of pure love she has no need to overtly project herself into the world. She participates in whatever the situation requires, but knows that the world exists to degrade her in any way possible and that, despite appearances to the contrary, she will always be viewed as a sexual object by man as he is today. Man will only be changed inwardly when he is willing to confront his sexual self and resolved to serve love with his life. He will be assisted in this mighty undertaking through the impersonal power of the female principle that is the spiritual essence behind every woman in existence.  When a woman is truly in her state of love and innocence, she emanates a divine power without the need to assert herself. Such a woman naturally draws to herself whatever she needs to fulfil her without the need to defend or prove anything to anyone in the world.

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