The Power of Love

November 10, 2023 2 By Lance Kelly


The only power in existence is love. Love is our essential nature, and the most natural thing in existence is to make love and enjoy the paradise of the sensory earth. But in the overall human condition of unhappiness, it’s demonstrable that we’re no longer able to handle love and live untroubled in our relationships.

What’s particularly poignant is that it now takes tragedy to bring human beings together, as often happens in the wake of a disaster or incident involving the deaths of innocent people. At such times the barriers, inhibitions and personal prejudices are put aside, with the emphasis on serving the impersonal needs of the situation. Thus does love come forward to reveal the best of humanity so often at the worst of times.

Everybody on earth is born to love. Even the most tyrannical dictator was once a baby who gurgled with innocent delight in the cradle. It’s the way of life that each of us is loaded with a portion of past human ignorance, which will manifest as the challenges and difficulties we all have to face. The love inherent within the body is the power which will be called upon to counteract and transform these negative effects of the past.

It’s inconceivable to most people that love is the finest intelligence operating within all manifested forms in existence – and even more astonishing, that there are no accidents, coincidences or chance encounters. These all happen within love’s inscrutable domain; for it’s the power of love that directs life on earth from the most profound region of the unconscious. Regardless of what’s happening in the troubled world, love is still in charge of life on earth. How can this be?

The truth is that it doesn’t matter what happens in the outer world, except as an effect in time of something greater behind the appearance of form – the reality within the being, which is the gateway to the immortal realm. What obscures this inner vision is the attachment to the belief that there’s something more important to do than to discover the fulfilment of love as an enduring state. Everything else eventually fades and dies.

Can an individual really make a difference to the appalling lack of love in this existence? And the answer, of course, is ‘yes’. Love is the universal healer of all the world’s problems; but nothing can be resolved that will be effective for good without love being realised first in the body of the man or woman. The value of such an undertaking is undeniable in those moments when, in the presence of love, all is seen to be a wondrous harmony within the apparent disharmony of the world.


Extract from the e-book: ‘Making Love Real’. Click on Book tab on the website.