The Power of Love

April 27, 2018 0 By Lance Kelly

The only power in existence is love. Regardless of what’s happening in the troubled world of conflicting forces, love is still in charge of life on earth. How can this be when, without exception, everyone suffers through their emotional attachments and ignorance of love’s purpose?

The answer is that it doesn’t matter what happens in the outer world, except as an effect in time of something greater behind the appearance of form. This is because there’s no ‘out there’ in the sensory world. Everything happens in the brain and is projected outwards onto the screen of sense. The beauty we perceive in nature or the beloved, or even in the starry heavens, is only a sensory reflection. It’s the reality of the vital being that provides the recognition of beauty as the window to the immortal realm. What obscures this inner vision, and appears to disconnect the individual from an uninterrupted state of love, is the identification with the forms of life.

Unless the Source of love is continually acknowledged, it’s unable to fructify the being and its power is diminished. Love is invoked through the acknowledgment of something beyond the self-interest of the person. In the absence of the knowledge of love, human beings have become attached to people and the things they cherish. And the effect is disastrous for all concerned. Power is stillness and degrades as force when emotion rises to conscious awareness. There’s no power in sentimental love or attachment, which cripples the vitality in any relationship.

The body is the vessel of love created by cosmic intelligence. When being just a body without thought or intent, love has the power to attract whatever’s necessary to delight and fulfil the man or woman. Attraction is the magnet of love which emits power lines across the earth as the sexual imperative inherent in all things to reproduce life in form. At the octave of self-reflective intelligence, there is the potential in human beings for love to be realised as a conscious state.

Love has to be made conscious by continually letting go of the past. Love is now and has no past. In the state of love, the energy of death functions as the elimination of the last moment. The energy of the past, without being continually negated, builds up as a corrosive blockage and suffocates love on earth. As the power of love becomes more consciously realised, the greater the imperative to continually break any structures that would encroach on the purity of space.

Space and love are synonymous as the ubiquitous presence of the creative process in existence. As space is the absence of form, so love is the absence of emotion which encompasses everything and holds on to nothing. Without space, life on earth would be impossible; and without love there would be no romance as the struggle of man and woman in their search for spiritual union. To love anybody or anything is indeed a privilege. But the greatest privilege is to love the formless love within as a state of devotion to the unknowable One.

The power of love is the universal healer of all the world’s problems. But nothing can be resolved that will be effective for good without love being realised first in the flesh of the individual. Ultimately, there is love and there is ignorance of love’s purpose. There is nothing else of value to be learned or studied outside of this irrefutable truth.