The Psychic Lure

April 5, 2024 2 By Lance Kelly

Our experience of life on earth is almost entirely psychic as we are all immersed within a feeling, subjective body. As a consequence, the invisible world can be both extremely alluring for some but fear-provoking in others. Because the psyche is not subject to the cause and effect world and yet is a demonstrable part of our existence, some people try (often with some success) to manipulate this level of abstract reality.

An example of the way the psychic lure entices people is through the popular practice of manifestation. This is a form of psychic magic which has been around for aeons but given a new dusting for the modern age. There are different approaches and some have more integrity than others. But is it really necessary to complicate the simplicity and natural order of things? There will no shortage of answers from those who have seemingly benefited from manifesting wealth and prosperity. What they are unlikely to mention, however, is their inability to be at peace for long. This is because manifestation, once invoked, eventually becomes an opposing force that negatively impacts the relationships and circumstances of the personal life.

Visualisation is another psychic lure that many people willingly embrace – mainly because they are unaware of the true nature of the psyche. To practice visualising beautiful scenes, such as a beach or waterfall, diminishes the brain’s receptivity to the natural sensory perception of things. This is compounded when visualisation becomes a way of life, as it is for many people. The psychic level closest to the surface level of mind is populated with a dense layer of past human experience which vibrates energetically to the coarse and degraded excesses of human nature. When someone uses visualisation, there is a reflex action of emotional force, which then looks for the experience it can only have in a living man or woman’s body. This is the basis of every type of psychic possession endemic in the world.

There are a number of popular teachings (which have millions of followers) that encourage the use of imagination, proclaiming that imagination is an essential creative faculty that allows access to the higher realms. I wonder what people afflicted by chronic masturbation would say when it is imagination that fuels the obsession with fantasying in the mind. Or those beset with worry, anxiety or psychological disorders kept alive by the imagination of abstract life forms in the head. Eventually, as the intelligence speeds up, all images and life forms fade away. No imagination is necessary, or possible, the closer the distance to the reality of life without form.

For us in the West, mantras and rituals are psychic props that have no value in the process of self-discovery. They may have meaning for those of the original East, but little of that culture now survives under the deluge of western consumerism and greed. And it’s the same for chakras and kundalini energy. The reality of those states of being have now been degraded to a shadow of their true spiritual essence. It’s the emphasis given to the glamour of eastern teachings that accounts for most of the confusion of the mind and interferes with the individual’s power of discernment of reality.

Extract from the e-book: ‘Living the Truth’