The Psychic Spectrum

July 28, 2018 0 By Lance Kelly

Light and its mystical effect on our sensory existence has mesmerised and transfixed the minds of philosophers, artists and scientists for millennia. Light shimmers as a golden hue in the flesh when in love or in the presence of beauty. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel of death that heralds a new phase of life and the cessation of the known.

Anything to exist takes its rise from a deeper or more enduring reality. The external sun is the sustaining power of existence, without which there would be no life on earth. It’s the symbol of the continuity of time in which we measure the days and years of our lives. And yet the external sun signifies something far more profound: this is the original divine sun which is within us all. As the external sun radiates a spectrum of light through the medium of space and matter, the inner sun radiates a psycho/spiritual spectrum of light through the medium of the psyche.

When white light shines through a prism it creates the familiar seven colours of the visible spectrum, as seen in a rainbow. Similarly the human brain, attuned to the divine source of light, translates the idea of life on earth through a psychic spectrum. This dispersion of light blends and saturates photons of light particles which produce the contrast of colour and depth we perceive through the senses. This external effect of the colour spectrum is a reproduction of the inner process that supports the structure of the physical world.

The creative process begins as the first movement of mind in eternity. Here there’s no dispersion of colour but an indescribable radiance of spiritual light. As this ethereal spiritual presence enters the psyche it creates three graduated levels of mind. These are the primary energies of creation forming the yellow, blue and red planes of existence. Every conceivable idea, experience and activity on earth is a blend of these three primary colour planes.

Light is synonymous with consciousness and the most sublime qualities that animate the forms of life on the planet. At every level of the creative process the reflected light of consciousness is diffused in purity. This produces the psychic spectrum as a mirrored reality appearing as the sensory world. Although under the enormous pressure of life to reproduce itself in form, it’s the spiritual light as the idea of life on earth which is the power behind the entire creative process.

The psychic spectrum creates the moment to moment sensation of being alive through the dispersement of light. However, the spiritual light is a point of profound celestial mass within the nucleus of the being deep within the unconscious. It’s this radiant timeless point that enables life to be realised, in time, as the original state of being.

This article is an introduction to the vast subject of light and consciousness, which is a fundamental of my spiritual teaching.