The Purity of Space

February 22, 2020 1 By Lance Kelly

Space is the sensory representation of spirit. As space is everywhere so is the spiritual essence, which is impossible to define but is realisable as a state of being. Without space, life would be unable to flourish in such a mass of unimaginable density. Inner and outer space are the two hemispheres of existence; but the exclusive focus on the material world puts an enormous strain on the wellbeing of the body. Arising from this inner tension is the drive to find something permanent while alive to assuage the insecurity of being in a divisive world. In fact, every negative condition that afflicts human beings is the consequence of being disconnected from the purity of space.

The purpose of the spiritual life is to purify the personal subconscious of thoughts, concepts and emotional dams which corrupt the harmony of the psyche. To regain command of inner space requires immediate action whenever the demand of emotions threaten to take over the mind and create a delta of negative effects. Just as in a storm at sea where all is calm underneath the waves, so the inner reality of the body remains serenely unaffected by the surface activity of the mind. But for the person, the consequence of being separated as a conscious presence from the purity of space is a downgrading of intelligence. This strengthens the attachment to being continually engaged in the busyness of the world.

The brain creates space and objects simultaneously, reproducing with inconceivable complexity the idea of life through the creative genius of sensory perception. Unable to assimilate reality as original unity, the brain is compelled to divide the incoming light of spiritual power through the differentiated senses. Although a seamless system created for the projection of life in sense, there’s an infinitesimal gap between the time taken to perceive an external object and for the brain to confirm energetically the idea behind the form. To compensate for the time delay, the original size of the object is reduced – which creates the appearance of space.

The space we perceive around us is not original space, but reconstituted from the cyclic process of life and death. While embodied in sense on the earth, we’re compelled as a race to function in the past as mirror beings; reflections in sense of what we truly are behind the sensory appearance of the body. Everything that happens here is a reproduction in a much slower time gradient of what’s already happened in a swifter time called eternity. At physical death, freed of the burden of past as the burden of time in the world, the intelligence speeds up tremendously. We then go on, closer to the optimum point of the present and the reality of original space. And so it is said that the corruptible cannot enter the incorruptible kingdom of God.

The spiritual process begins with entering the body, usually through some form of meditation, together with the practice of self-observation of the robotic mind. As a greater command of inner space is established, there’s a new sense of authority and cleanliness to the life. The greatest truth declared by the great mystics and masters throughout the ages is that the highest spiritual realisation is nothing. Space is the last layer of materiality to be transcended as it’s the closest sensory form of life to nothing. Ultimately the perception can literally ‘look through’ the final objective screen of space and be amazed by the creative process before it takes form. The final humbling for the truth seeker is that it’s space purified of existence that perceives the mystery of its own creation. The person was just a figment; for there is only being, the one Being behind all form and matter.