The Radiance of Love

December 5, 2020 0 By Lance Kelly

Each of us embarks on the path of love from the moment of birth. Love’s eternal essence is planted in every body as the principle of Man and Woman in their idealised state or godhead. But the purity of love is rapidly obscured by the emotional self which overshadows the full potency of love’s radiance. The purpose of life is to be this radiance of love as a conscious state; but it can only be done by passing through the emotional body of ignorance. If love was all there was on earth, life would function harmoniously without the fluctuating human condition of unhappiness.

The radiance of love is not an energy but a state of timeless power which is always accessible as the original state of being. And yet what’s rarely perceived is that the experience in relationships and the inevitable challenges that arise are to disabuse us of the false notions of love on earth. Love, demonstrably, is not concerned with personal happiness; otherwise nobody would suffer when lovers part or die. The difficulty is that people rarely heed the good sense in their own experience of what causes pain and conflict in their lives, and so go on to repeat the same mistakes as before. But therein lies the secret of love’s mystery. Only through the experience of the emotional intensity generated in relationships can the personal element eventually be transcended to the state of impersonal love.

Sometimes love is upon us when not necessarily associated with anyone or anything in particular. This is the impersonal state of love; a union in the moment with the spiritual being of the earth. The difficulty for many people is that they have become desensitised to the subtlety of love’s presence. While it’s beautiful to be in a state of love with another or an external form, the formless love is forever present behind the sensory body. However, until sufficient love has been made in the body, the subtlety and innate sensitivity to the spirit will be imperceptible as an uninterrupted state. Gratitude for everything provided, together with the continual acknowledgment of the privilege of life, is a necessary step in discovering a more enduring radiance of love in existence.

Love is of the earth and the sensual beauty of being in the body, the finest expression of which is realised through the sacred physical union of man and woman. The source of this power is the revitalising wellspring of life which continually rises into existence, without which it would impossible to go on. In the absence of any self-reflection, love merges with the purity of higher mind as an integration of being. Love then soars to the divine, divested even of beauty, the last trace of existence. When nothing perceives nothing, what remains is the pure idea of all that existence represents. This is the moment of truth where the essence of love converges as a point of radiant spirit, the place of eternal peace beyond the confines of time.