The Sacred Life

October 7, 2022 0 By Lance Kelly

Nothing is sacred in the world. This is because the world (which is everything that has arisen in time) exists to profane the beauty and virtue of life on earth. The world is a reflection of self – the treacherous entity that hides behind the smiling face of the politician, industrialist, or sexual predator scrutinising their next victim. What is sacred is of the earth, the timeless emanation of love in its elemental purity. What is sacred supports the presence of God in existence as the connection with the deathless aspect of being.

To approach the sacred is to have discovered something worthwhile to serve that gives purpose to the living life. For some, organised religions, through the indoctrination of beliefs and performance of rituals, provide a focus on something beyond the usual demands of the self. For others, the close knit brotherhood of secret societies or altruistic groups of like-minded people offer some semblance of the sacred in their lives. But what is truly sacred, someone will die to preserve. Not out of having to defend a belief or ideology but as a demonstration of life itself that, irrespective of living or dying, the sacred endures as a state of being inherent within each manifested moment of creation.

Love is sacred to each man and woman because love is the original state of being. Every action while alive is the endeavour to realise an ever greater depth of love within. That people rarely realise love in existence is because love is no longer sacred to human beings and, instead, has been degraded to a commodity traded on the force of emotional energies. Love between man and woman is sacred when made conscious in the flesh. The exchange between the opposite principles creates the sacred connection which transforms the personal element of self to the unity of the one indivisible being. Inherent in this state of devotion to the source of love is the sacred knowledge of life behind the form.

In losing touch with the sacred, human beings have become desensitised to the immediacy of life lived in the moment. The joyous state of immortality, instinctive in all other living forms, has been subverted by the human condition of fear and suspicion. Instead of living the sacred life, people now live the secret life with unresolved pieces of unconscious past littered within the psyche. These emotional clots suck the finest energies from the body and reduce the light of the inner being to a shadow of its radiant potential.

So what is sacred in everyone’s experience? And the answer is life. Life is sacred, which is why it’s always here. Should that life ever be threatened, or in close proximity to death, we get an idea just how much we value life and how good it is to be alive. This is because the sacred is forever present as our very being, but mostly at an unconscious level of mind. To bring the sacred into existence as a living state of receptivity to life requires giving back something of value to creation. This is the sacrifice of the personal self, which is a product of time and past.

Everyone, from the poverty stricken to the billionaire, has the opportunity to surrender the right to defend their emotional negativity. The sacred right of every man and woman is to be liberated in existence and is the impulse behind every movement that campaigns for human rights and justice for the impoverished people on the earth. When the sacred is made conscious, there is never again any doubt or confusion as to the purpose of the life.