The Silent Answer

November 7, 2020 0 By Lance Kelly

‘Silence is golden’ is an old saying which suggests that quietude is a virtue and somehow restorative of the spiritual inner light. But silence is something of a rarity in the world today where the cacophony of noise is a mainstream of the modern age. Some people become so accustomed to the hum of existence that they are unable to handle the absence of any background noise and sleep with the radio switched on. Each human being is a divine transmitter of the psychic projection of existence and imbued with a unique light of individual consciousness. The degree of consciousness varies considerably; those who have the volume turned up the loudest are more attached to experience and those on a lower setting less identified with the comings and goings in the world.

It’s the fear of being psychologically naked that attaches the person to the vibration of the world, which reverberates inwardly as the endless chatter of the monkey mind driven by its own insatiable curiosity. The mind equates stillness with madness and a threat to its supremacy as the knower of existence. Endless facts and figures, endless speculation and endless problems to worry about keep it moving to create perennial discontent and confusion. Anything, in fact, rather than face the peace and stillness within. However, in some people there comes a time when the clamour of the mind becomes so unbearable that it invokes the one original desire: to surrender to the immaculate silence of the void – the place where the idea of love and truth is retained.

The structure of the world exists as an extension of human desire patterns that encircle the planet as invisible lines of force. Desire is what we human beings are in varying degrees of intensity expressed as ambition, aspirations and hope for an idealised version of heaven or paradise on earth. In a worldly sense, the effort involved in achieving a particular desire, such as the striving to become a billionaire or accomplished musician, is eventually extracted and freed of any personal wanting. The interval of time taken can be a long drawn out affair, but what then remains is the virtue of the living experience. This can be observed in the ease and apparent lack of trying in those who have reached the summit of what is assumed to be their heart’s desire.

Each personal desire on the worldly plane, when fulfilled, eliminates a particular desire pattern within the world psyche and removes a barrier to the one universal desire. The purpose of life is to bring the idea of love and our cosmic origins down to earth as this one original desire. Desire is cosmic in origin but degenerates to wanting when emotionally conditioned by the resistance to love, the unifying principle of life on earth. Love’s desire is to bridge the divide between the earth and cosmos, symbolised by the male and female principles whose sacred union reveals the silent answer to everything ever desired by human beings.