The Simplicity of Love

February 4, 2018 0 By Lance Kelly

Love is simple in its giving. When love is present there’s no desire to needlessly take from anything in creation. The power of love degrades as force whenever the threshold of beauty is crossed by the ugliness of self for the personal satisfaction of the man or woman. Sex without love is exclusive and serves only itself, leaving the other broken in the exchange and absent of the revitalising wholeness that only love can provide.

Making love is simple since the bodies are made for love. When making love is there anything that can be artificially induced to enhance the pleasure of such a sacred act? The answer is no, but the thinker thinks otherwise due to the heightened emotions stoked by the force of lust and sexual wanting. Sex is a jerk in time which extends out through the person to possess another of their virtue. Once satisfied, the sexual entity withdraws – but only for a while. When the simplicity of love meets the complication of sex, the inevitable result is pain and heartache along with all the troubles of the world.

Because love is essentially simple, when partners are truly together in the intimacy of each other’s space there’s often nothing to say except ‘I love you’. It’s only later when the emotion of past hurts and disappointments arise that there’s something to discuss to contaminate the simplicity of love. What’s happened is that people have become attached to the experience of sex without love.Sexual experience is retained as an aberration of love and kept alive by dwelling on the pain of past sexual encounters. It’s impossible to be attached to love because love is not an experience. An experience can be repeated as something from the past. Love is a state which can only be realised in the present.

Love yields to the pure of heart, which is man and woman made simple in the flesh. Space purified of time and wanting induces a shift in consciousness between lovers which introduces the divine element into human love. The remarkable truth, when it can be consciously realised, is that love itself is making the love. The person only existed as a barrier to the finer expression of love’s mystery; until mercifully divested of its impurities, all is restored through the simplicity of love.