The Sonar System

September 21, 2019 4 By Lance Kelly

In the wild, creatures such as bats use what’s known as echolocation to pinpoint their prey when hunting at night. This remarkable natural facility has been adapted by human intelligence to create sonar technology and put to a more business-like use. Naval ships and submarines use the same principle in transmitting electronic waves in the water to identify the enemy or anything else that may threaten the safety of the vessel and crew.

As observers of inner space, we can employ a similar procedure to help gain a deeper insight of the workings of our psychonomy. We can apply the natural sonar system when in meditation or just being inwardly focused. Sometimes emotional blockages and tension will be easily discerned; but at other times it’s not obvious as to where in the body the disturbance is lodged. The emotion is an energy of self, skilled in the art of deception. Hiding in the dark, it’s the usurper of the inner kingdom. This is when the sonar principle can be deployed.

In stillness and silence we‘re poised to register any vibration in inner space. What we’re doing is sweeping our psyche with abstract waves of light into the darkness of the subconscious, just as the sonar system operates in the outer world. When contact is made with anything causing inner discomfort, such as a feeling of fear or anxiety, there’s a ‘ping’. The ‘ping’ is a reverberation of the coarser energy of an emotion bouncing back to the silent observing intelligence. Then we can zero in on the target to take action to eliminate the threat.

The next step is to surround the emotion with the pure perception, not unlike embracing a physical body in the outer world. The difference is that it’s an emotional body of past living experience. Globules of emotion become lodged within the soft tissue areas of the flesh, usually in the throat, chest or stomach region. The emotion will react to the intrusion of light into its dark underworld like an animal fighting for its survival. The effectiveness of this process raises the resonance of light within matter. For the individual the task is to be willing to endure the pain of the dissolution of the emotional self as the transformative process intensifies.

Eventually, in living the divine life (which simply means divining the essential wellbeing within the body) the sonar system becomes an integrated part of the whole. This is because the swiftness of intelligence has merged with the total body consciousness. Life as it is lived at the octave of sensory perception replicates the divine system of cosmic consciousness, but at a reduced level of reality.

We are all connected to a spiritual system of intelligence which creates the entire manifested universe afresh every moment. This power or supernal being is continually sweeping the vast distances of astronomical space as an omniscient presence of spirit. And most astonishing of all, this divine light is the source of intelligence within each of us and every life form on earth. But as always in matters of reality, it’s to take nothing at face value but to examine what’s being communicated in one’s own experience. After all, whoever claims to speak the truth may in fact be bats!