The Source of Light

March 12, 2022 0 By Lance Kelly

Light has always been used as a metaphor in the world to describe something that reflects great clarity and brilliance. Light in the spiritual sense refers to the emanation of purity as the absence of any negative conditioning from the past. For someone resolved to make the divine connection inwardly through self-entry into the body, the significance of light becomes magnified as the intelligence becomes united with the eternal source. In the realisation of what can be termed God or the optimum point of the present, the perception faces the devastating power of the pristine idea of existence as it was conceived in the original moment of eternity – to have literally seen the light. From this immaculate perception arises the famous and often quoted phrase to proclaim the reality of the moment: ‘Thou art the Father of Lights’.

Reality is a system of light ranging from the absolute God, the Father of Lights, to the lesser divine beings that form the archetypal structures of existence. Each life recurrence is an endeavour to activate with a greater luminosity the individual enlightenment point, which is the authentic being within each man or woman. It is this gathering light of original purity that attracts, inspires and then compels the truth seeker towards its mystery. Each time someone overcomes their reactionary self by refusing to go with the momentum of emotional energy, they add a tiny spark of light to the developing inner light that is the individual’s enlightenment point. Light or spiritual power is harnessed through containment and the reduction of energy leakages. Just being present in the senses generates a resonance of being that activates the nucleus of the cells within the body consciousness. Over time, when there is more light than dark in a particular cell, it becomes a self-sustaining unit of pure vitality. It then attracts less enlightened cells which are transformed in time and able to function at their full potency.

Let’s look at reality now and how light originates from the perspective of the eternal mind. To our earthly perception, original light is black in the absence of any trace of starlight (unlike the contrast between light and dark in existence). From behind existence without anything to shield the spiritual vision, the truth of light is quite simply astonishing. What is perceived is the emanation of the idea of existence being dispersed through infinite light waves as the formation and de-creation of existence every moment. Original light emerges from the nucleus of the eternal mind. This is the point of reality – the Supreme Being or God being God. But without a perimeter of mind to encompass the reality system, the light of God would extend into infinity and be unknowable as the knowledge of reality itself. What is the source of light? It is consciousness: the reflected light of God’s mind.

The purpose of life is to enlighten the brain with an ever finer perception of the original state of being. What is realised eventually is that it is life itself living through each particular life form. Perhaps the greatest struggle in living the spiritual life is the process of transformation from personal to impersonal love. The light of personal love vacillates within the full spectrum of psychic frequencies. When someone realises impersonal love, a purity of light is transmitted through the psyche and conveys a deeper presence of love. And so the people attracted to that source of spiritual light have a greater opportunity to realise a greater profundity of light and love within their own being.