The Speed of Love

May 29, 2021 1 By Lance Kelly


The speed of love is so swift that it’s absolutely still. This timeless state of beauty resonates beyond the extremity of science’s measurement of the speed of light. In the approach to making life more conscious, we can use the model of science to gain a deeper insight into our spiritual potential of beings of light and love. Here are some scientific facts: light (which is symbolic of the highest knowledge) travels at a constant velocity of 300,000 km/s; it takes eight minutes for the light of the sun to reach the earth; the nearest star is four light years away; that star could have just exploded but we on earth would continue to see it for a further four years, as it was and not how it is now. Our whole living experience of life is governed by the speed of the transmission of light through our sensory perception. So what’s love got to do with this?

Love, the original state of being, embraces the whole of existence, whereas sex in isolation of love is particular and chugs along at a snail’s pace in comparison. Sex, having been created below the speed of light, atrophies as a turgid substance within the body. Pure love exceeds the speed of light. The exquisite pleasure engendered through the sensual exchange between partners arises through the enhanced vibration of cells, which respond on a pleasure wave to a psychic opening within the being. When love is made, it’s always beautiful; but when emotional energy is predominant, such as overt excitement or sexual fantasying, there’s an immediate reduction in the speed of love. This transforms the power of love into the force of emotion, which travels below the speed of light and creates all the problems in the world. When love is made beyond the speed of light, the quality of pure love is retained within the flesh of the being. This has the effect of negating the time as past within the psyche and brings the man or woman to radiant life.

Normal unconscious lovemaking creates a psychic blockage of inner pressure within the personal subconscious which culminates in the release of a pent-up force as orgasm. There is nothing wrong with orgasm but when it becomes something to attain every time love is made, the anticipation and intent creates a selfish drive on which the rising wave of emotion gathers momentum. The idea in making love more conscious is to be present every moment without thought or intent. When someone gets the idea of this, the quality of lovemaking transcends the limitation of time as a burden; the whole life is transformed by the power of love beyond the speed of light. Only life lived in the immediacy of the moment can continually eliminate the last frame of existence, and so reduce the pressure and blockages that accrue within the psyche.

Love goes on after the death of the body beyond the speed of light, whereas sex sticks close to the world where it can get the emotional experience it craves to perpetuate its existence. People who’ve contacted deceased love ones communicate in an area of the psyche which is the realm of life after death. This domain of the psyche operates within the speed of light limitations of sensory existence, but enhanced through a swifter perception without the enormous energy drainage needed to support the physical form. Deeper into the realms of the pure psyche is life beyond death, which is a swifter time gradient of intelligence resonating at a faster speed of love.

The closer to reality, the finer the spiritual vision becomes within the paradigm of eternity. Finally, even love disappears and the being merges within the spiritual idea of the earth, no longer differentiated through particular aspects of existence. Here, the individual consciousness participates energetically as universal life through all the elemental glory of the planetary psyche. Even more astonishing is wherever life arises anywhere in the cosmos, now or in the future, there I shall be as I am now within all things.