The Spirit of the Earth

August 21, 2018 0 By Lance Kelly

The spirit of the earth appears in sense as the beauty and wonder of nature in all its uncompromising glory. I’d like to give some idea in my own experience of what it is to realise the living reality of the earth’s spiritual being.

Firstly I’m aware of being inducted into a place of profound beauty and creative magnificence. The separation of objects which characterises sensory existence, although outwardly perceived, is inwardly recognised as original unity. The butterfly is not divided from the flower or the space that surrounds it; the fragrance of the lavender is infused within the whole.

Through any experience such as this, there’s the knowledge of the uniqueness of the earth as a cosmic principle within the grand scheme of things. The earth’s timeless presence is magnified to a point of shimmering radiance where the harmony and perfection of creation is known and realised to be all that I am, and could ever be, as son or daughter of the earth.