The Spiritual Challenge

April 25, 2020 0 By Lance Kelly

Everybody has the opportunity to contribute something unique for the betterment of the human race. It’s this deeply unconscious impulse, registered in the death state as a feeling of anticipation, which triggers each life recurrence to return to earth. Our human system replicates the structure of reality and realms of higher mind. Within each phase of reality, each level of mind ‘challenges’ the next to validate the idea of existence in an ever finer expression of divine artistry and grace. This instigates the movement of life to know itself through the struggle and challenges in the sensory world.

The experience of life consists mostly of undergoing challenges and overcoming adversity through, for example, coping with a physical disability or serving the needs of others. Regardless of one’s wealth or position in society, nobody escapes having to confront the difficulties of life in one way or another. Living is a process of experience through which a psychological shape of the world is created, with the person at the centre holding it all together. The more in control of the personal world, the greater the sense of stability and confidence in the dealing with the daily business of life. For someone unable to cope, or beset with problems, their personal world is vulnerable to periods of instability, reflected in the chaos and disorder of external circumstances. This normal way of living shields the purpose of the life and the unique challenge from being realised as a conscious state of being.

Within each of us are particular challenges which are fundamental to the life’s purpose and spiritual development; the range and diversity is infinite and beyond any rational understanding. For example, what may appear second nature for a professional speaker to deliver a speech to an audience may represent something akin to scaling Everest for someone whose greatest fear is speaking to any kind of public gathering. Or perhaps someone has a deep fear of entering a relationship and is protective of their independence. For them this could be the challenge to take a chance on love. Every moment something is happening which is eroding the resistance and bringing the possibility of a radical shift in consciousness. Each challenge valiantly faced takes someone closer to the point where they’re able to confront the unique spiritual challenge of their life: to realise their authentic identity which is the being behind the form.

Here we come to the crux of the matter. Unless someone has reached a point where the world no longer delivers the same promise as before, they will not be able – or indeed be willing – to surrender their position at the centre of their world. The task of the spiritual challenge is to break the attachment of fear which supports the weight of the past as belief and hope in the future. It’s the craving for sensual experience that binds the individual man or woman to the endless cycle of death and rebirth. The spiritual challenge is the tap root to God, recognised as the deepest attachment which holds the person ransom to manipulation by the world. Breaking the attachment is not easy, since fear of letting go into the unknown keeps the person bobbing on the surface level of themselves. The challenge is to be willing to pass through to the other side of existence to unite with the inner being, and then live the truth of the realised state of consciousness in the sensory awareness of the world. Each challenge successfully faced on the way eliminates another track of the spiritual path. Then indeed, truth is perceived to be a pathless land.