The Transformation of Matter

May 2, 2020 0 By Lance Kelly

The spiritual life is a process of the transformation of matter. The grainy palpable sensation registered within the body, most noticeably as the tingling at the tips of the fingers, is the demonstration of this incredible living reality. But where does matter originate?

Matter is created through the meeting point of the incoming current of reality (transmitted by the primary focus of Divine Will) and the downward stream of the universal energy of outer space. This collision of primal forces creates resistance and produces the solid feeling of existence. Matter is the intangible substance of reality in sense. Science mistakes form for matter, even at the sub-atomic level of enquiry. This is because the truth of matter can only be realised as a state of being within the purified space of the body consciousness.

The effect of matter is translated through sensory perception by forming an abstract impression of the shape of the body organism. This is the psychic body of self, which consists of multiple clusters of cells ranging in frequency from the turgid to the radiantly enlightened. Each cell emits a light signal that attracts or repels another cell at a different pitch or vibration. The combined resonance of the psychic body is converted by the brain to produce the essential feeling of life universal to all living things. But there’s another factor which determines someone’s perception of reality: the emotional substance of the past. This emotional content, when attached as past experience, lodges within the flesh as the corruption in matter. These cells vibrate in accordance with the intensity of emotional craving. Thus each moment while alive, the psychic frequency of an individual is changing which determines their presence in existence.

Although matter is continually being refined and reconstituted at the cellular level through the great movement of life, it’s through a supreme power which is the most spiritually productive – a principle called love. Love is made in two ways: through entering the body in stillness and devotion to the source of creation, and in the physical union of love between man and woman. In silent communion or meditation, when practised realistically without psychic embellishments such as mantras or visualisations, existence is reduced to a point of pure potentiality; this induces a time shift synonymous with the moment before life enters the formal side of existence. The more this state can be held, the more the negative content of cluster of cells are purged of residual past. The effect is to remove the blemishes and stains on the mirror of inner space, which then absorbs the reflection of the spirit at an enhanced level of divine magnification. This induces an upsurge of timeless power which broadens the perception of mind with a deepening peace of divine equilibrium.

In physical love when partners are consciously engaged in discovering a higher purpose in being together, the lovemaking enters a different dimension than in a normal relationships. In unconscious lovemaking the predominant energy made is emotion, which has the effect of downgrading the matter of the body. The cells, although receptive to the physical exchange, are unable to retain the pure light of love for long and reduce in potency. This creates the predictable downside to sex without love, with symptoms including moods, restlessness and self-doubt. These emotions, being psychically intelligent, often don’t surface until hours, days or even weeks later so as not to reveal their source of origin.

In the devotional mode in isolation of physical union, the love of God is retained out of existence as the ethereal body of light. This is inwardly restorative as the realised state of consciousness of the transcendental beyond the senses; this is the realisation of truth.  Love is of the earth and when made in the flesh is retained as a quality of the earth’s spiritual fragrance; this has the effect of simplifying the matter, which is not present in the transcendental realisation. The full enlightenment of a cell and total transformation of matter is the realisation of both aspects of Divine Being, namely the abstract transcendental and the sensual love of the earth. In other words, the core of a cell can only be transformed to its full potency through replicating both the eternal moment of the birth of the universe and its conception within the eternal womb of life.