The Timeless

January 1, 2021 1 By Lance Kelly

The timeless realm is our real home behind the appearance of the objective world.  However, as a species the human race has become entrenched in time. Each day we affirm our existence through referring to the past as a way to make sense of the present. Rarely is the present acknowledged as a living reality in the senses since this would undermine the hold of the psychic force in matter. Such a distorted perspective of existence would be rejected as insane were it not the universal way of life devised by human intelligence.

The timeless portion of our reality is accessible inwardly as our original state of being. But what’s happened over time is that the portal to the source of reality has now been mostly obscured by the build-up of past. The spiritual process is to dissolve the blockages of past and get back to the timeless state – and then to bring that timeless essence into the world of sensory perception. The deepest mysteries of the psyche do not need to be learned or studied. Direct knowledge is immediate as the faster-than-light transmission of reality, which is not reliant on memorable reference to the past. To divine the timeless energy inherent within the body, the mind needs to be disengaged and receptive to the direct knowledge within the inner being. Direct knowledge reveals itself in the moment as a revelation of some facet of original truth.

Everything that can be known, remembered, quoted or experienced as a continuity of existence is a product of time. Time as we know it is not real time but a device conceived by the human mind to measure the interval of past between one sequence of living and another. We attribute a specific time, for example, to the moment of birth and freeze frame the date to give intellectual significance to each passing year. This, together with all the other time-ridden procedures such as meeting deadlines and being a slave to the clock face, quantifies existence into a mind-induced replica world of degraded time. The momentum induced creates inner tension and stress which reduces the quality of life. Because while alive we are creatures of the past, in order to offset the negative effects within the human psyche each sequence of living needs to be surrendered without holding onto the last moment.

The timeless realm encapsulates the eternal idea of existence as a totality but is unable to enter existence in its original pristine state. To compensate, time waves are released as energetic capsules of light, each imbued with a time signature of the evolutionary ideas consonant with the age. The capsules of light are reduced in timeless power the closer they enter the slower time gradients of the psyche. To the degree that the personal space of an individual has been purified of emotional energy of the past, the more that being functions in a role of some greater significance for the evolution of those times. The most real aspect of each man and woman is the enlightenment point within the deepest part of the brain; it’s the resonance of this light that determines each person’s immediate awareness of the present. Furthermore, the greater the luminosity of the enlightenment point, the more the essence of the pristine ideas of the timeless are able to be given significance in existence.

Whenever someone gets emotional (which is to be disconnected from love as the natural state of being) another layer of time is accrued as the past which keeps the person attached to the body and magnifies the fear of physical death. Over a lifetime, the psychic entity of self usurps the inner space of the body and exploits the doubts and insecurities of the person as well as the expectations of the full spectrum of human experience. The effect of this is a deepening attachment to the materialism of the world while disregarding the significance of the inner state of being. Thus, as a race, we have become out of kilter with the natural spiritual equilibrium of both inner and outer kingdoms.

To divest oneself of time sufficiently so as to participate as a fully functional being of the earth involves great love and sacrifice on behalf of one’s fellow man and woman. Transforming the time-ridden self is the task: to eliminate the past as a barrier to the two realms of our spiritual reality. This is done, in the first instance, by refusing to indulge the habitual thinking process which ticks over continuously whenever the person lapses into unconscious daydreaming. By being present in the senses, the thought is unable to generate the next sequence of imagining. The more someone is able to remain conscious and alert in this state, the past as time accrued through living is gradually dissolved. Divested of past, the abstract domain of clarified space opens up to a world beyond imagination: the timeless state of reality.