The Tipping Point

September 8, 2023 2 By Lance Kelly

 Of all the species, only human beings make a problem of life. This began a long time ago with the impulse to control nature as the environment. The results are the world and destructive symptoms of human nature we must all toil in today. As a race we have barely evolved in cosmic evolutionary terms. The physical evolution of the body is complete, but the human consciousness has been unable to match the genius of the instinctual intelligence which regulates the beating heart and protects the survival of the organism.

There have always been widespread pandemics that have decimated millions. The difference in the modern age is the speed, not only in which a virus spreads but by the information and data about how best to deal with the crisis. The politicians and scientists are often at loggerheads on how to handle the situation, resulting in confusion and misleading advice. The heightened frenzy of the media feeds the overall paranoia, which in turn stokes the politicians to be more assertive; this inevitably stirs the emotional ambience of the public to vent their angst against the system. This global pandemic will be superseded sooner than later by some other crisis as yet another effect of the abysmal human condition.

Life for many people is becoming increasingly stressful with another day lived on the edge of despair. The tipping point is when there’s a conviction that you can’t go on. But the truth is that you are going on each moment through simply coping with the often extreme pressure to attend to the practicalities of living. Somehow, despite feelings to the contrary, everything that needs to be done gets done. And often there follows a period of respite when there’s an opportunity to observe in wonder the extraordinary process of life taking care of everything. This inner impulse to selflessly serve life begins as gratitude for what is provided now. Everybody has something to be grateful for, even if it’s the acknowledgment of the new day and the home that gives shelter and warmth.

There is great activity on planet earth; but looking down from outer space nothing specific is seen to be happening. It’s the same with the inner process. As the perception pulls back from the identification with the formal world, existence is perceived through stillness without the need to focus on anything in particular. And yet when necessary, the attention is able to be directed to any matter at hand. In truth, the tipping point is a creative climacteric that ushers in a new phase of life when there is the opportunity to surrender more to the liberating state of being.

Each man or woman is their own master, a unique spiritual idea within the eternal mind. In the approach to this pinnacle of reality, each must eventually reach the tipping point of no return. An indication that someone is close to merging with this divine potential is when the person declares with deep sincerity that they are no longer willing to be a slave to the treachery of their self. They know beyond doubt that it is the force of their turbulent emotions and relentless mental activity which has kept them imprisoned by a tyrannical entity of pain. To be willing is all that’s necessary for the liberating power of the spirit to change the life for good – not just a part but the whole living experience as an inner and outer reality of a life where wonders never cease, regardless of what is happening in the world.