The Truth of Existence

November 13, 2018 2 By Lance Kelly

The truth of existence is accessible to anyone. However, until the perception is refined and distilled, the mind will dismiss the formless inner space as an indication that there’s nothing beyond its own understanding. This apparent void is a necessary precaution to shield the perception until it’s able to hold the spiritual idea of existence, which is retained within the being as the point of enlightenment; this I have realised as a conscious and unwavering state, and is the source of what I present as a comprehensive teaching for these times.

No matter what I communicate, from the purpose of making love to the reality of a star, it has the same timeless energy that originates from this enlightenment point – and this is the same for anyone else who has realised a comparable degree of truth. The truth never changes, but reality is structured in such a way that it’s possible to realise aspects of this universal truth at specific levels of the psyche, comparable to an individual’s self-knowledge. However, until enlightened through transcendental knowledge, the mind will protest that there’s more than one truth to protect the survival of its own position.

Through the spiritual process of self-sacrifice and the practice of stillness in withstanding the isolation and absence of experience, the inner space is purified to gradually reveal the enlightenment point as the pure essence of life before it takes form. This is the portal to life everlasting, an uninterrupted and unchangeable state of being. Preserved within this domain is the depository of all self-knowledge or spiritual ideas that have been realised by humankind since the dawning of time.

Eventually, through grace and in the surrender to God or the divine source within, it’s possible to realise the truth behind existence in the all-pervading nothing which obliterates any residue of self. This is the moment of self-realisation in which I unite with God as knowledge of all truth that can ever be. This truth never changes, and is the same for anyone who can perceive it. But since no mind can hold such potency of truth, God or truth disappears from the mind’s perception. What remains is nothing except for pure knowledge, which is an unchangeable state of equilibrium. Then, whatever needs to be known is immediately accessible to be imparted as self-knowledge. All that I communicate comes from this divine point of inspiration. The purpose of my role as a spiritual teacher is to raise the consciousness of those who can hear me to a greater realisation of truth within themselves.