The Truth of the Times

September 11, 2021 1 By Lance Kelly

For many people trying to make sense of their place and purpose in life, the truth of these times is becoming increasingly more difficult to discern. Imagine being born into this world today where someone is likely to take offence if you address them as a particular gender, or where it’s unsafe to walk the streets at night. It’s a place where a child quickly perceives that people defend their right to be emotionally unhappy, and so they follow the example of their parents, friends and society at large. The outer world reflects the inner realm, which is similarly undergoing profound changes to the way that life is lived in the sensory projection of existence. The truth of the times is that the world psyche (the collective psychic frequency of everybody alive) is being shaken in preparation for a momentous shift in human earth culture.

Our western culture, now the global culture, has no true spiritual values and no time or interest in anything that cannot be quantified, analysed or proved to the satisfaction of the mind. Western civilisation has arisen on a wave of greed and acquisition that is reliant on the co-operation of the person to surrender their true individuality. True individuality is the impersonal state of immortal life made conscious in the flesh. The whole thrust of the modern era, through politics, education and progress, has been to eliminate the individual in preference for minority rule, which in turn keeps the majority slaves to their own fears, attitudes and prejudices.  So how is the spiritual journey made in these times?

For a man or woman inspired to find the truth of life, the times they live in contain the way that the journey is undertaken. Time as we understand it is not real time. Time at the spiritual octave of reality is a state of equilibrium in which the idea of life on earth enters existence through the psyche. The truth of the times is released as an energetic wave or power line as a reciprocal to the consciousness potential of the race at a particular point in time. The tremendous upheaval engendered by the recent global pandemic, together with deep uncertainties reflected in the turmoil in Afghanistan and migrants dispersed throughout the world, is symbolic of the breaking up of hitherto hardened layers of past within the psyche. For the individual attuned to their inner state of being, any unresolved emotional issues are likely to become more acute and necessitate dealing with problem areas in the living life. In other words, the pressure of the times is becoming greater since there is now the potential to go deeper into the inner mystery than was possible before.

Now is the time to stop running. There’s never been a greater opportunity to resolve the life and complete the evolutionary journey that I in each body is compelled to undergo. The teachings are available for anyone needing guidance and inspiration; but really it’s up to the individual alone to make a stand for love and truth. To invoke the truth is to be right up with the times. All that’s needed is to take the appropriate steps to rectify any situation that’s causing emotional anxiety or disturbance. There can be no compromise with the truth of life. Someone is either ready to be responsible for their life as the experience of being in existence, or they are not.

The spiritual journey is made alone, but not in isolation of the world in which we must all participate. It’s to live our lives as an ordinary man or woman, doing what’s necessary while remaining true to our own integrity. It’s to be as conscious and alert as possible, for the spirit often reveals itself in the most unexpected ways. The pain and intensity of the psychic death of self can be a difficult and a prolonged ordeal. But the times are assisting the spiritual warrior who senses that their time has come to be true to life and love as never before.