The Tunnel of Death

February 23, 2024 0 By Lance Kelly

The greatest impediment to enjoying life as an uninterrupted state of being is the fear of death. People generally avoid facing the fact that everybody dies and, should the subject be raised, it’s usually regarded as morbid or joked about but rarely examined with any depth. Nevertheless, the presence of death is a reality within the subconscious as an energetic reminder of what awaits each of us in time.

Physical death, regardless of how it happens, is instigated by the pull of the unconscious within an individual’s psyche. It’s an energetic signal for the life and accumulated experience to return to be evaluated at its source. Whereas the conception of life within the womb is an active projection of vital life force onto the fertilised egg, the death of the body sets in motion a negation of that particular life recurrence. The process is so thorough that no trace of that person is ever seen again. When human beings were very young in evolutionary terms, the tunnel of death was a purified space which operated as a two-way circuit of incoming and outgoing modes of our universal reality. This procedure has never changed; but what has accumulated over the ages is a mass of unresolved past that has now created a blockage within the psyche. This blockage is represented by the material level of the brain which obscures the aperture to the immortal level of mind.

The tunnel of death is an objective part of our inner reality. The physical symbol of the tunnel is represented by the vaginal passage through which each body enters existence. Prior to the body dying, there can be a sense of floating above the death scene. The body has not actually been left since external space becomes an extension of the field of awareness when the psychic self has surrendered its grip on the world (which is also synonymous with intense shock). As the body prepares to die, the attention gravitates within to the opening of the tunnel. Here in this flash passage of the beginning of the after death process, events, relationships and circumstances that shaped the life reveal their true significance and provide astonishing new insights. This is because the life just lived is being reviewed in an altered state of perception. What is seen and retained within the consciousness is what could have been done, given another opportunity to redress any conflictual situation.  During this phase of the after death process, a rough outline of the next incarnation on earth is being mapped out within the being.

The space of the tunnel reflects back the deeper attachments of the individual that may or may not have surfaced during the lifetime. As the passage through the tunnel progresses, these more intense energies are purged, which could involve psychic confrontations with those who caused great emotional upheaval during the lifetime. Alternatively, images associated with heaven and hell may intermingle with abstract energies beyond rational description. Eventually these energies are resolved as the former person approaches the end of that particular life recurrence. Before going on, they may be united with the one who was loved, or signified love the most, while on earth. If still alive, they appear as they are now; or if it’s someone who has died, they appear as they were most fondly remembered. Many fans of dead celebrities report meeting their heroes such as Elvis Presley when recounting their near death experiences; a religious devotee is likely to summon a psychic representation of Jesus Christ, Buddha or Krishna.

The union with the light at the end of the tunnel is registered as a signal to proceed further into the profundity of the psyche. From here on the impersonal process of life after death begins.  The light is an individual’s virtue and self-knowledge gained over many life’s recurrences. In some spiritual traditions this is referred to as soul. Mediums and clairvoyants, and those close to the dying, often report seeing their essence or soul leave at the time of physical death.

The normal exit point at death is through the cranium; but the other way out, although less common, is through the solar plexus region of the body. The solar plexus is the cosmic portal of our spiritual system. Exiting at death through the solar plexus happens when union has been made while alive with the immortal aspect of the being. The individual, having already made the passage through the tunnel of death, has been purified sufficiently of the negative content of self to gravitate direct to the spirit. This original way of returning to life everlasting is the next phase of this spiritual teaching. I’ve already written and made videos of entering the solar plexus but I will go more deeply into this area in future publications.