The Unseen Power

November 18, 2022 0 By Lance Kelly

Everything in existence is connected by an unseen power that holds the creation together in an absence of force or effort. Sometimes when looking into the vast expanse of the ocean or when gazing into the night sky, I the individual can seem so insignificant within the grand scheme of things.  And yet the part, when realised at a conscious level of mind, is seen to be essential to the whole amazing production of creation. Within each being is the stardust or emanation of the original light of reality. Our physical bodies symbolise reality as the divine male and female principles, together with the cosmic realm of the heavenly bodies of planets and stars.

The sensory symbol of this power is space. Nothing is as subtle as this abstract presence, and yet without it there would be no space for life or a material world to exist – only an unimaginable block of matter. The nature of space changes when matter becomes corrupted by a psychic energy such as emotion. As the emotional self gradually surrenders to the unseen power of the spirit, the nature of space correspondingly adjusts to its original state of purity. This increased clarity of space then begins to attract more harmonious circumstances and brings about the necessary changes to reflect a deeper level of truth. What is eventually perceived is that the circumstances surrounding the person are not haphazard but represent at any moment the state of consciousness of the inner being.

Where the attention is at any time determines whether I am real as a conscious presence on earth or exist in a sort of dream state in an intermediate level of mind. As someone develops the spiritual discernment to recognise previous unconscious energy leakages, such as talking too much or thinking about the past, the inner space becomes clearer and more able to reflect the truth of any situation. Then, what was previously hidden as spiritual pointers to the life begin to reveal themselves through the ordinary interactions with people and events that unfold. For example, a casual exchange with a stranger which previously may have been inconsequential reveals something that endures energetically in consciousness as a reflection of some aspect of reality. The possibilities are endless.

When a direct line of perception is established with the universal stream of life, living without effort becomes a natural way of being as the force of the past is transformed. This replicates in existence the unseen creative power now working for good in the living experience on earth. This is because the inner space has been purified of much of the corruption in matter that before had distorted the path of the individual life. Whereas the emotional body of self had once thrived in its attachment to sensual experience, what is now predominant is the spiritual point of the being activated as a light of spiritual profundity. Freed of emotional force, it’s this light of consciousness that creates the replication in sense of the eternal place from which each of us originates as our ethereal body of light.

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