The Virtue of Man

May 17, 2024 1 By Lance Kelly

Man is a noble creature when he’s being what he is rather than pretending to be what he’s not. For the most part, the divine aspect he personifies is buried deep within the billions of men who represent the one indivisible character of man. The presence of the male principle is unmistakeable in those moments when the normal self-fixated identification with his world is surrendered, and he responds to a situation without personal consideration or intent but with the total passion of life in the moment. This is the part of man that is magnificent, the inherent valour of the spirit that transcends death and the mediocrity of the herd. But rarely does this quality of man’s being shine through in today’s modern society and convenient push button way of life.

In his current condition, man is rarely able to realise the divinity that is his true nature behind the person he projects as the mask of his self. Both his self and world fit together as snugly as a protective lid on a pocket watch. The man consequently becomes identified with the external movement of objects and vibrates inwardly with the same momentum that keeps him wound tight with the beat of the world. Sometimes, in an endeavour to wake him up from his unconscious trance, life in its compassion shatters his dream by removing some part of his world, such as killing a loved one or being denounced in a scandal that sullies his reputation.

The curse for man in existence is his rampant sexual drive. The busiest men in the world are the most sexually driven and disperse their libido through the emotional energy generated from their hectic lifestyle. Successful men often appear calm and detached from their emotions, which disguises the unconscious sexual force beneath the surface mind. The transformation of the sexual self begins with self-observation, without judgement, of the habitual patterns and drives, such as the need to watch pornography or waste energy through unnecessary time spent surfing the internet. The difficulty is that man is fundamentally resistant to being his original nature, the male principle of pure authority in matter. This mighty state of being can only be realised through the discovery of serving something greater than the world.

It seems obvious as to what man needs to be doing. But clearly it’s not; otherwise the world would be totally different with everything provided for his pleasure and fulfilment. Man is on earth to love woman, his opposite principle in the flesh; for she is the reflection of God for him in existence. But such talk of what may seem an idealised love is likely to be rejected and discarded as inappropriate in these times – particularly by those who adhere to an intellectual notion of being both genders in the one body. This may be so at a level of higher mind before the idea of love in existence separates as the male and female principles, externally reproduced in form. The purpose of love in the physical world is to bring the reality of the abstract inner realm into the living experience as a conscious state of being.

The virtue of man is in being the master of matter – the master of himself. The opportunity to give something back to the earth of true value is an open invitation to all men. But he must be willing to be responsible for what comes through his psyche. If a man justifies his anger or believes that others should to live up to his expectations of what he thinks is right, then he will be a force in conflict with the harmony of life. He will lose his authenticity as the male principle and will be a mere shadow of his radiant spiritual potential. A man of virtue is he who has been well seasoned by life, and experienced what has been necessary to make a stand for love and truth in his time on earth.