The Waves of Existence

November 17, 2023 1 By Lance Kelly

The forces of the world periodically converge as a deluge of powerful emotional waves upon the surface of existence. And yet even in the most turbulent storm at sea, there’s a place of stillness under the waves. Similarly, when someone is provoked by the stresses and challenges of modern living, it’s possible to get underneath the surface level of mind and rest easy in the state of peace within the body. But to do this the procedure must be practised, just as the crew of a submarine ensure that the vessel is able to dive to safety at a moment’s notice when threatened by an enemy.

Under the waves is the domain of love, a place where nothing happens to upset the harmony of life. While someone exists as a surface dweller in the world and disregards any inner reality, they will always be vulnerable to the changing conditions of outer circumstances. With no anchor to ground the mind and emotions to something real within, they will be swept out on the current of the world and have no option but to identify with the effects of living.

The original state of being is accessible in the absence of thought and intent; all that’s required is a body and the willingness to surrender to the subtlety of stillness within. There are many opportunities to connect with this state in the everyday life. When making love for example, with the perception attuned to the subtle beauty of being in union in the flesh, it’s possible to observe that, regardless of what’s happening in the passion of the exchange, the state of stillness pervades. Or the respite between each breath as the wonder of life renews itself every moment within the body.

Existence consists of extraordinary forces which are effects in time of the power behind the appearance of the outer world. Under the waves is the timeless place that never changes and is always accessible when the practice of entering the inner realm becomes a conscious way of life. It’s to know that difficult situations must come, but that everything passes in time. The beauty and glory of the creation is made real through the undergoing of the living process all are compelled to make. It’s to embrace life with all of its uncertainties, setbacks, pleasure, joy and moments of transcendence. And most of all, it’s to be grateful for all that’s provided and to acknowledge the mystery within.