The Way Back to Love

December 2, 2017 0 By Lance Kelly

Many women have convinced themselves that they’ve lost touch with their love. Men tend to remain indefinitely unconvinced that they have in any way contributed to her perennial self-doubt. The human race has strayed so far from the purity of love that the way back is now the only option for anyone who’s suffered enough in the world.

The way back to love begins with a turning point when an individual perceives that it’s love itself that has always provided everything that’s good in the life. And for anyone who thinks there’s no good in their life, it’s to look more closely and to really acknowledge that, for example, there’s enough food, warmth and shelter for now. And then strangely, as what is good and right is acknowledged more often, the way back to love becomes ever more real as an inner and outer quality of life.

Love is simple. When in love there’s nothing to work out or discuss. If that were not so, then love would no longer be a mystery and it would be possible to get a university degree on the subject. In the approach to love, the only thing worth remembering is that love is protective of its mystery. Anyone who assumes there’s anything to get from love will be bitterly disappointed. Love is giving, but only to whom love decrees is worthy of such a benediction.

The power of love is its unwavering presence as the finest expression of clarity and beauty. Love is a divine power, which means of God. The difficulty is our bodies have hardened in time, and as such we’ve become mostly desensitised to the subtlety of love. These days most people are dependent on the need for the stimulus of emotional energy, such as excitement and the anticipation of a good time. For someone who’s ready however, when the party’s over and all that remains is the emptiness of the world, the way back to love is clear.

The way back to love begins right now. It’s impossible to be in love yesterday or last moment because the state of love is always here in the present. Even in this dense materialistic world, the forces of existence can be harmonised to change the circumstances for good. To the degree that someone is willing and no longer protective of their emotional independence such as wallowing in self-pity, cutting off from others, harbouring resentments or accusing others for their unhappy circumstances, love can heal the entire life.

As love is made more conscious, the barriers to a deeper realisation of love are discarded, or simply fall away to reveal that love is always here. Then there’s a broader perception of life and the knowledge of being connected to something infinitely vast – the source of love itself directing the way back home.