The Way of Love

March 26, 2021 0 By Lance Kelly

The original state of love is an ever-recurring point of reality deep within the psyche of everyone on earth. This supreme integrity (which is the basis of universal justice) comes to fruition in the love between man and woman. In no other living experience is there a greater challenge or potential to discover something divine in this existence than in the realm of love.

The purpose of love, in the first instance, is for the man to extract through his organ of love the tensions gathered in his woman. A man inwardly inspired by the spirit of love willingly takes the force she unavoidably absorbs in the sexually-charged male environment of the world. His task is to assimilate in his body system, not only what he has put into her subconscious during his lifetime of unconscious sexual experience but by all men ignorant of love’s purpose. The surface tension gathers in the opening of the vagina, which can initially create a psychological barrier when couples begin to make love more conscious. This is because, until purified by divine love, the accrual of male energy absorbed in the vagina is likely at first to reject the presence of a loving man’s penis, not unlike in an electrical connection where power cannot be generated without both a positive and negative polarity.

At this point, lovers often resort to overt sexual stimulation to bypass the apparent lack of sensual excitation. But the temporary void of feeling is actually an integral part of the divine exchange as both adjust in frequency to the octave of consciousness able to transform the emotional element to the purity of love. The idea is to be vigilant and stay with the absence of feeling until sufficient love is present and the space is free of discursive emotion. This happens naturally when the woman surrenders the pain of the past, not to the man but to the male principle which is God in existence. The man, having relinquished any position of wanting or intent, merges with the female principle in humility to the way of love. It’s here that beauty transcends the senses and the tantric principle of the sacred union is realised as God in existence. In this way does original love enter the world, retained in the flesh of the divine lovers on earth.

As partners persevere (and this can take time), the purity of space made through the conscious lovemaking provides a source of divine inspiration for both the man and woman to draw upon in their being together in the everyday life of a partnership. The way of love is such that when lovers enter the more profound levels of love, the effect within the psyche generates a reflex reaction which can manifest as periods of deep personal crisis. This serves, not only to test the resolve of both the man and woman to remain steadfast in their love but to expose hidden attachments, which are the unconscious areas within the body that still remain to be purified. The integrity of life is such, however, that the consciousness by this time is swift enough to identify the intrusion of intermittent psychic forces so as to contain the pounding waves of resistance to the pure essence of love.

Eventually, when lovemaking and the being together in the shared purpose of living in harmony becomes a way of life, the negativity of the world and uncertainty of the future becomes less troublesome, enabling lovers to connect more frequently with the romance of life, even in the most ordinary situations. Because love is being made more conscious, the man or woman then enjoy more periods of inner peace and appreciation of the beauty in people and nature, since whatever’s being perceived is raised energetically to the same level of consciousness. As partners become more real in terms of a presence of divine love, they give back something of timeless value to the human psyche which then becomes a source of inspiration for those still struggling to make sense of this mostly loveless and troubled world.

Everyone is concerned with love for without it there would be no life or existence. What’s to lose by taking a chance on love when there is the opportunity? And the answer is nothing, nothing that is except any fear or apprehension from going on into love’s mystery to eventually get back to where it all began – and perhaps to discover that it never ends.