The Way Things Are

March 20, 2021 3 By Lance Kelly

The way things are is that people are desperate for real solutions to the struggle of living in an increasingly hostile world. It’s dawning on many that nobody in charge has any clear idea of what’s going on. Every day the media reports another scandal, murder or outrage which agitates the well-spring of the human psyche. Can the world truly change in a way that freedom from the tyranny of outer forces becomes a realisable possibility for all? And the answer is no. The human race has passed the point of no return for any lasting good to externalise as a universal way of life. So is there any point in what anyone does? And the answer is yes – but only realised when hope for the world is discarded and the truth of life on earth is perceived.

Unbeknown to the human mind, life on earth is a cosmic experiment being lived out each moment on an epic scale of unimaginable complexity. Paradoxically, when the truth behind the appearance of the universe is realised within the being, it is seen to be astounding in its simplicity. The miracle that makes this possible is the creative point, which is the reflected light of the radiant idea of existence in each man and woman. The closest attribute that defines the creative point is presence, which each person refers to as the subjective pronoun ‘I’. This I point gives validity to our position as a body in space and time. The idea of existence never changes in timeless potency; but what does change is the perspective of intelligence to give, through evolutionary time, an ever greater significance to life as lived through sensory perception.

But there’s another factor that impacts on humanity’s depth of knowledge of reality: this is the influence of the other planets in the solar system, relative not only to the evolution of life on earth but to the advancement of life wherever it may be in the cosmos. Each planet is governed by a profound spiritual principle which resonates to a unique cosmic signature or character of being. The earth’s unique principle is love. The human race, however, has largely lost touch with pure love, preferring a crude pay-off of personal satisfaction in the sexual exchange. Loaded with the pressure of the world, man frequently ejaculates his frustration into the innocence of the vagina which attaches woman to the vibration of his sexual craving. The overall effect on the world psyche is a global neurosis stoked by the media’s obsession with sex, scandal and vice. The way things are, women are unable to walk home at night without fear of harassment and possible assault. The predatory nature of the sexual self lurks not only in the shadows of the streets but in the mind of anyone it can possess from the moment of birth to the demise of the physical body.

Except in rare instances, the female principle (which is the essence of every woman behind the form) struggles to retain a recognisable presence in these times. To fill the niche, human engineered robots will soon be introduced under the guise of an extraordinary new breakthrough as a blending of artificial intelligence with gene technology which will create replica men and woman, primarily conceived as sexual slaves. The results will be catastrophic for love on earth; but spectacular for the majority of people as a way to unleash unbridled sexual lust without responsibility (a repeat in the modern age of the gods of ancient myth). As a consequence, a disturbing new energy will inexorably infiltrate the human psyche which, unknowingly, will assist the new evolution of future space travel.

The way things are, the resources of the earth can no longer provide for all as before. The hidden focus of present day scientific enquiry is to find an energy resource to vacate the planet and set up shop on some new Eden in some other galaxy. But what is overlooked is that the residue of negativity within the human psyche will inevitably accompany and pollute wherever we humans travel in outer space. With a world population hell bent on upholding their right to exist as reactionary beings attached to the pain of their emotional self,  nothing of any lasting value can be done to offset what’s coming for the human race. Such is the hold of the alien entity of self over humanity that any right action to eradicate the psychic usurper is rejected, ridiculed and debased by minority factions to the same level of ignorance as the majority.

Love is the only power in existence that can do the job to restore some semblance of righteousness on planet earth. Although this phase of human evolution is virtually over, except for the daily living of the time remaining, the purpose of love remains true for the valiant of heart. Love when made in the spirit of love is a contribution to the whole of life, which includes those who must follow in the wake of this phase of human culture. Humanity, the spirit of the earth, is the cosmic point of reality as far as we human beings are concerned. Each of us is intrinsic to the realisation of this mighty idea through more profound knowledge of our true divine nature. The way things are, this is a distinct possibility for the individual willing to abandon the way things were and to be responsible for life and love now. All that’s necessary is to be conscious and alert to the truth of the moment. For the spirit comes at the most unexpected of times.