The World

February 26, 2022 1 By Lance Kelly

The world is a creation in time, whereas the earth has always been here as an aspect of our timeless reality. All that we human beings love and cherish as the beauty of the sensory earth is energetically preserved within the psyche. This is because the earth is an unalterable spiritual idea within the structure of higher mind; each of us is a cell within this vast body of planetary consciousness. Regardless of what happens in sensory existence as the degradation of the planet, the virtue of humanity within the immortal realm remains pristine. Whenever we gaze upon the splendour of a sunset or the stars in the night sky, we re-affirm this timeless aspect of our being.

The world has no reality apart from the appearance of things in relation to the position of the physical body at any time. Everything exists as an actuality of experience common to everyone with a flesh and blood brain. Out here in the divided world of objects and forms it’s impossible to know everything, only fragments of knowledge acquired here and there. While alive, we exist fundamentally as mirror beings in a projected sensory world which is subject to the forces of existence. This radically distorts the true vision of life, which can only be realised in its totality within the authentic dwelling place of the being behind the form.

From the moment of birth we gather emotionally-induced impressions; this creates a working memory from which a psychological shape of the world is formed. The rough outline of the world is gradually filled in through our efforts to achieve what we think will bring fulfilment and peace of mind. Nobody has ever succeeded in finding an uninterrupted state of freedom in such a venture or ever will. This is because the world promises so much but falls short on delivery. The world gathers momentum through the psychic force behind the masses, who are emotionally stoked by personal self-interest and the conflict of crossed desires.

fter thousands of years of war, cruelty, greed, and the exploitation of people and nature, we now embody both earth and world. As earthlings, we each have the potential to be the exalted principle of spirit in matter. As worldlings, we seek to gain the upper hand over our fellow man through deception, duplicity and cunning. Men and women vacillate between the state of creative freedom and being vulnerable to emotional negativity. As a consequence, the journey through existence becomes a disjointed affair, sometimes heaven and sometimes hell – which is a definition of the human condition of unhappiness.

The lure of the world attaches the vital energies of the inner being to the external projection of other minds and the momentum of human affairs. Anything worth saying by our politicians, religionists and science professors has already been said. Every action of self-sacrifice that could possibly change the fate of humanity has been taken. The human race is stuck in a rut with no way out except to retrace the way back through the madness of its own making. But there’s no mass solution. Only the individual can make it; and the journey must be made alone.

Extract from e-book: ‘Humanity: A Spiritual perspective of the Times’.