The Wrong End of the Stick

June 9, 2019 3 By Lance Kelly

If anyone has the ‘wrong end of the stick’ it means they’ve misunderstood something. Even in the daily exchanges between people at home or in the workplace, words are so often misinterpreted creating confusion and negative feelings. On a global scale, is it possible that the human race has got the wrong end of the stick as to the purpose of life and is heading towards an inevitable confrontation with its self?

How many of us have looked at the news and despaired at the condition of the world. Things out here are not supposed to work for good – only to create division and provide the distractions for the unhappiness of life on earth to fester. Because that’s the way we as humanity want it as the progressive drive into this existential world of our own making.

The way we govern the nations in a democratic society is absurd, but it’s the best we’ve come up with. Our politicians picked up the wrong end of the stick a long time ago and have been running ever since, hounded by the media who in turn are pursued by the masses. The whole drama of living is really a subterfuge for what’s happening behind the scenes within the psyche. It’s only when there’s been sufficient dying to existence that the truth of life can be perceived. This is: without the false the truth would be impossible to be realised.

The most glaring demonstration, in a worldly sense, of perceiving the wrong end of the stick is science’s big bang theory. The suggestion that the universe exploded into existence four billion years ago is absurd. The universe and the whole of existence is created anew every moment and not in the past. When unconscious or in dreamless sleep, the universe disappears and reappears upon awakening in the senses. In other words, I as the intelligence in the body create the world as my self.

To be identified exclusively with the sensory appearance of objects is an avoidance of the other side of existence. To the surface perception, the spiritual domain of inner space appears as nothing. This is true until the observations of the external universe are matched with a comparable degree of self-knowledge. Until then, the mind will be stuck by default in the materialism of the world – and inevitably get the wrong end of the stick.