May 31, 2018 0 By Lance Kelly

It’s impossible to stop thinking because the combined thoughts of humanity have created within the psyche a band of perpetual thinking which never stops. What happens when someone becomes serious in mastering the thinker is that, through the practice of being conscious in the senses, the thought process is neutralised. This creates over a period of time a purified field of space, not unlike a castle moat which prevents any hostile forces from entering its domain.

As intelligence dissociates from identifying with erroneous thoughts and memory impressions, the perception is actually withdrawing from the thinking band of the human psyche into the pure psyche where thoughts and memory impressions are transcended. From this place, the mind operates at the behest of a superior intelligence and is willing to serve the needs of the master within.

Over a lifetime the space becomes purified of any emotional negativity. This in turn speeds up the intelligence which is then able to perceive more deeply into the mysteries of the psyche. The mind becomes still in the purity of space. Inherent in the stillness is knowledge of life before it takes form, and of all the wonders of the universe that have been or ever will be.