May 28, 2016 0 By Lance Kelly

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Time is the price of being in existence. The effects of time externalise as the erosion of matter and the ageing process that afflicts every body in time. ‘Time waits for no man’, says the old adage. But is time really against humanity or is it a case of mistaken identity with the effects and not the cause?

As a race we have become identified with the clock face and unable to face the truth of ourselves. We have handed over to a rat-race time that runs on meeting deadlines and then having to ‘make time’ to compensate for the lack of pause between the momentum of one sequence and the next. The world is a place of infinite possibilities that multiply in accordance with what is discovered through scientific breakthroughs, space exploration, art and entertainment. But the world can never be known in its entirety; only fragments of isolated knowledge. This is the time trap that most of the world’s population fall into in the struggle to find completion in their lives; which is the futility of never ending time.

Our concept of time gives substance to the past and reassures the human mind that we are progressing towards a better life in the future. Time is really an abstract notion that links an assumed beginning to an equally assumed end, through which we rationalise that something has happened in between. A birthday, for example, assumes a beginning as the day and year of birth and is calculated to as a means to validate the age of someone in the present. Similarly, science’s Big Bang assumes a beginning billions of years ago to a point a micro-second from zero time. It’s quite bizarre how misguided these theories are but possibly scientists will get the idea – in time.

The idea of time has captivated many of the world’s greatest minds. The difficulty is that no mind has been able to isolate the nature of time from the interval between the past and the present. This is because the human mind is itself a product of time and ‘takes time’ to process any information and data of the world. The mind exists in movement, and anything in motion is restricted as an effect of time in existence. When at rest the mind exists as potential only. The purpose of intelligence is to exceed the time gradient that limits our understanding of the objective material realm. To realise original time, and not just its effects, we must be inducted into a far swifter time gradient that bypasses the sluggish mind and outdated modes of thinking. Behind the body, deep within the psyche, is the intellect which is the stationary world of consciousness. This realm can only be accessed as direct experience when the mind is still.

The true nature of time is the eternal moment within the realm of the timeless. Released on spiritual waves through a profound system of cosmic intelligence, time is emitted as a beam of intensified light, a conduit between the timeless and the gradient of elapsed time in the world. As the time waves pass through the levels of the psyche, the timeless quality is degraded through the strata of past human experience that diffuses the frequency of the beam. Time then permeates the earth’s myriad life forms, each imbued with the sense of time consonant with its evolved state of consciousness. Each body is in a particular position of space and time; which is why everyone is unique and sees things from a different perspective to that of another. People are attracted to those on the same wavelength and find it more difficult to relate to those vibrating at another level of time.

At a global level this is why nations and countries either form alliances or go to war. It’s not so much a clash of cultures but a conflict in time. The times of any particular era of human evolution have a distinct quality that is determined by the evolved state of consciousness of humanity at any time. In the Middle Ages the collective consciousness had a distinct resonance that was different from ours today. What to us may seem barbaric and uncivilised in the medieval era was the natural order of things, just as our way of life for future generations may appear equally barbaric and unenlightened. The release of time from reality corresponds to the evolutionary needs of the people as knowledge and inspirational ideas beneficial to the advancement of the race.

At the individual level, time is further conditioned through the evolved state of consciousness of a man or woman. The mystic who loves God more than the world sheds the past as his self, so as to journey while alive through the levels of the psyche into the timeless. The deeper he travels, the closer he gets to reality and the faster his intelligence vibrates, affording glimpses into the structure of the mind of God. Many people experience changes in their sense of time, for example when making love or in the presence of death. This is because the interval in time has been bridged through a more profound perception that momentarily eliminates the distortion of the past. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we are all journeying towards the reality of original time with the living out of each day in existence. As we get older weeks, months and even years appear to fly past compared to the early years. The reason for this is that there is no longer the striving into existence but a gradual withdrawing that expends far less energy than before. This conservation of energy results in a swifter perception of intelligence, giving a deeper significance to the impermanence of life in the physical world.