Timeless Love

October 17, 2020 0 By Lance Kelly

Love is made in the timeless, whereas sex is made in time. The purpose of making physical love (as opposed to making babies) is to unite with the timeless place of love within the being. This can only be done when the essence of love is retained as a presence within the body consciousness. When sufficient love is made, the flesh resonates as a self-sustaining light of original power. Usually in the sexual act there’s more emotion made than love. Emotion is an energy of past which creates more time. When this happens, the effects are demonstrable: tension, periodic weeping, frustration and upholding the right to justify emotional demands on another.

While a slave to time, the person will be restless and preoccupied in reaching deadlines, with scant inclination to acknowledge the privilege of being with the partner. Consequently real love will struggle to bridge the distance between the bodies separated by time. Imperceptibly, layer after layer, the unresolved attachments to the past accrue within the psychic structure of self. At its core, the self is guarded by this psychic perimeter of hardened matter comprising the past sexual experiences and traumas of living, both of the pleasure and the pain absorbed in relationships and events since birth. Having no real guidance in making love, it’s little wonder that so many people choose to give up on physical love altogether.

Choice is a psychological device that arises as a release mechanism of the pressure of time. One of the characteristics of the timeless state of love is the absence of choice. It’s one of the last attachments in the transformation from personal to impersonal love, and realised when the likes and dislikes synonymous with an emotional way of life have been discarded. Since making love is natural, any choice to abstain as a personal feeling sets in motion a sequence of negative effects in the life. What is natural and wholesome is no longer enough for humanity and the die has now been cast – but not necessarily for the individual man or woman.

Enduring peace will be elusive while there is resistance to love when the opportunity is there, no matter how the external life appears. It’s the fear to love which is the pressure of time that pushes love away; only pure love can negate the need to perpetuate the time-ridden struggle of existence. Making love for love is the natural palliative for every negative condition in existence. Since everyone is dying for love (despite the protestations of many) one might assume the human race would make it a priority or at least give it a try.  But clearly something has gone awry, as shown by the appalling condition of the world with people desperate for love but unable to find a workable solution.

The idea of making love with a sense of higher purpose is to negate time through the inner descent back to the unconscious – the timeless state of being. Honesty to love is paramount to remain steadfast and resolved in this mighty undertaking. When making love, for example, it’s a good practice for partners to verbalise what’s happening in the body. A loving dialogue of the pleasure and privilege of being with the other in the intimacy of love creates the space for openness and innocence in the sacred exchange. The beauty of the male and female principles produces a unique energy which resonates to the original octave of divine love on earth.

The sense of separation from love arises in the interval between being born and the gathering of experience. The distance from the womb casts a spell of forgetfulness over a place of untroubled harmony which is ever present but buried in time. The purpose of making physical love is to reduce the time from the moment of conception to the immediacy of the present. To really see this and apply the knowledge as the inspiration to serve love as a way of life is the pinnacle of human existence.