Trapped by Love of the Unknown 

April 21, 2023 0 By Lance Kelly

To be trapped by love of the unknown is a sacred submission to life by he or she who has travelled far and is nearly home. Regardless of what’s achieved in the world, there is no greater service to the good of the whole than to negate the personal self and surrender everything to the perfection of now. Or, perhaps, there’s something more pressing to attend to?

The error is that people really believe they are a personal entity which differs from the next person. In truth there are no persons – only the appearance of bodies, each imbued with characteristics as facets of the undivided One. A speck of infinitesimal insignificance am I, yet essential to the wellbeing of the planet; this includes every living creature, even the leaf upon the tree. Although the forms of life must die, what is real never dies. Only ignorance of immortal life perishes to resurrect again in matter as another person set adrift on an odyssey of forgetfulness.

To realise the highest truth involves the big squeeze of the obese self through the minutest aperture of the timeless. Ever more deeply into the abstraction of existence does the truth guide the celestial seeker on their way to a finer version of life, leaving in the wake a thousand pitiable screams of self. ‘Dear God, am I the only one to have been loaded with such an endless supply of emotional pain?’ the person asks. ‘Kill me now, I say, in my nadir of despair. For it is not I who am dying but my treacherous self, which arose in time and experience.’

The trap was set a long time ago, not by life or God but by man and woman themselves, who attempted to escape from time by creating a world in revolt to the harmony and beauty of the earth. The world in its contorted mass is impossible to unravel, except by the assured touch of the Almighty. Death, the saviour of existence, lovingly and tenderly ensures that all things return to the universal womb to which all are connected as beings of the earth. Only the valiant see God in its formless majesty while alive. This is bestowed at the behest of life as the benediction for humanity’s struggle towards a deepening enlightenment of the human race.