June 6, 2019 2 By Lance Kelly

Trees embrace the earth as the purifiers of space in the natural world. Each of the many species of tree is rooted to the soil as a vertical power line within the planetary psyche and serves to offset the bending forces of existence. Trees and human beings have a sacred relationship, even today with deforestation and the plunder of the planet’s natural resources.

Who at some time hasn’t paused in silent awe to gaze at a tree, whether it stands alone in a field or huddled together in a copse. And In some people there’s a natural inclination to give it a hug. This is because we ourselves are walking pieces of earth, the essential difference being that we have a mind able to reflect on what it knows. The tree is simply being what it is without any need to know, but communicates its natural glory as the spiritual essence of its own nature.

If a tree could talk, what might it say? ‘I’m feeling grumpy this morning because a crow has broken my favourite branch’ or ‘I don’t like that tree over there because it’s blocking my view of the hill’. No, I suspect the tree would say that life is good and give praise to the most High, the great creator of all. All other life forms exist in a trouble-free state of uninterrupted harmony with nature. Human nature arises in conflict with the totality of life through focusing on a part of existence that is separate from the whole.

When tree and mankind exist without barriers, the distinction between inner and outer realms is no longer an impediment to the psychic enrichment of life on earth.