True Sensitivity

April 14, 2023 0 By Lance Kelly

When people speak of someone being sensitive in the spiritual sense, what’s usually meant is the ability to pick up on another’s emotional feelings or state of mind. Some people are even acutely aware of the atmosphere or vibes of a house, street or village. The difficulty is that unless the personal space is clear of negative emotions, the perception will be flawed and conditioned by unresolved inner conflicts from the past. True sensitivity is being transparent as a body of love in existence. It’s being able to look without judgement and to respond from a place of wisdom and clarity.

We live in a, hard materialistic western culture, so the way back to the spirit must be made in a practical way in order to handle both the inner and outer realms of existence. For some, being acutely sensitive to the inner realm of the psyche creates a feeling of being disconnected to the physical world. Schizophrenia and psychotic symptoms torment those who have no natural defence against the negative psychic forces which populate the invisible realm. Then there are those who appear to lack any sensitivity to the plight of their fellow man and woman. Between these two extremes a balance needs to be made in order to function effectively in the world.

True sensitivity is a state of conscious alertness to life, which is to be present and relaxed within the body. This natural state of being is impersonal love, the finest sensitivity grounded in the sensuality of the flesh. A sensitive with genuine clairvoyant ability to divine the future or the past is attuned to their body consciousness, from where they intuit their inner revelations. Similarly when in nature or in the presence of a loved one, or indeed any creative undertaking, it’s the innate sensitivity to the incoming stream of life that determines the response and subsequent actions in the world.

Sensitivity arises from the senses, originally created as receivers of the earth’s Being at the frequency of sensory perception. The predominant senses in the modern age are sight and sound. As a consequence, most people are sensorially out of kilter, which makes for a fragmented way of existence. A true sensitive is someone in touch with the senses as a complete system of receptivity to life. The familiar five senses, when merged as an inner state of being, produce the subtle sixth sense of super sensitivity which introduces an enhanced perception of the mystery of life undivided. This wonderful spiritual vision is accessible to all when the mind is still, with nothing arising as any movement from the emotional feeling self.