Under the Boardwalk

October 13, 2018 3 By Lance Kelly

The current wave of alleged sexual impropriety by leading politicians and celebrities are effects of a global shift currently rising to the surface level of the world psyche. The overall movement is towards the elimination of the genders as a way for future generations to exist in a predominantly asexual society. This is as a consequence of the demise of love between man and woman, and the degeneration of the virtue of life.

Love is the point of existence which responds to the moral compass of the times through the power inherent within the atom. But power degenerates to force when the integrity of life (which supports the whole of existence and not the particular) is compromised. Although some may protest to the contrary, each of us is potentially violent due to our ancestral animal instinct for survival; but it’s not this savage remnant of out immemorial past that’s the problem. We are each connected to the human psyche, which contains every experience since the dawning of time, including the most heinous acts committed against humanity. These vital energies of past living experience are continually vying to re-enter existence through the mind and body of anyone they can possess.

Human beings lend themselves to psychic possession through generating emotional excitement or, at the other end of the scale, the inertia of depression. Sex is the energy for psychic possession which, in isolation from love, is the diabolical psychic force behind every act of violence and betrayal. What prevents most people from running amok are their innumerable wants and desires which diffuse the intensity of wanting just one thing. It’s the concentrated feeling of the one want which instigates taking action to satisfy the sexual force of lust.

The problem arises from the fact that the human race has been unable to handle love in its natural state between man and woman. The price for sexual excitement, sexual deviancy and unbridled lust is swept under the boardwalk and assumed to just disappear. But it hasn’t – and now the vital energies of the past have returned to instigate a new global culture unparalleled in human history. Love as we know it between man and woman will continue in generations to come, but modified in the light of extraordinary scientific breakthroughs in the areas of genetics and artificial human robots. Relationships and the romance of courtship will become emotionally unfashionable and discarded by the masses.

The quintessence of love is its devotion to serve the greater purpose of life on earth, which is to bring more love into existence where it’s possible. Love, too, is present under the boardwalk amongst the garbage and pollution of the human condition, but can only reach the surface level in its purified state through a man or woman willing to keep love alive on earth.